Nana and Hachi get in trouble from the neighbors due to all the noise made during Nana’s concert. One person mentions that there’s something taboo about apartment 707, which gets Hachi scared. She goes to Nana about it, who’s not too happy to be disturbed during her bath. She also finds no basis to Hachi’s theory that there was a murder in the apartment and so Nana kicks her roommate out. Hachi goes to Kazu next and convinces him to take her bed for the night so she can sleep with Nana. The two also talk about finding a new member for the band. They’ll probably be able to get Yasu as a drummer, but they still need member number four. Hachi decides to help find new members for the band. The next day, she puts up a poster to attract new members in the window of the store where she works. She later meets up with Shouji at the bar and informs him of her new mission. Hachi also invites him to karaoke, but Shouji says that he has to work. Hachi is disappointed that they’re not spending enough time together, but Shouji brings up the fact that last time, Hachi was the one who turned him down. He want’s her to put more effort into their relationship. After they split up for the night, Hachi starts to feel guilty. Her attention is shifted when she meets a pretty boy with a guitar. At work, Shouji also meets somebody. She’s a new employee and to Shouji’s surprise, her name is Sachiko. Meanwhile, Hachi takes the new boy, who’s name is Shinichi, to meet Nana and Nobu. Nana wants to test him, but they have to rent a separate place to do that so the neighbors don’t complain. Nana is amazed by Shinichi’s talent and asks him what guitarist he respects. He answers Ren. He’s a huge fan of Trapnest and Ren in general. Nana decides to let Shinichi join her band, but only if he promises to surpass Ren. Afterwards, since Hachi is pleased with the fact that she found their new member, Nana rewards her by giving her a kiss. When Shouji leaves work, he runs into Sachiko again, accidentally scaring her. They decide to go home together and Shouji starts to develop a crush on her, though he regrets it. Back at the Nanas’ apartment, Nana and Hachi wind up sharing a bed again and Hachi starts to think of Nana as a first love.

That was another particularly enjoyable episode. I’m pleased to hear Akira Ishida as Shinichi. As one of my favorite seiyuus, this should add some enjoyment to me as I watch this series. Shinichi is pretty cute too. It also amuses me that Hachi refers to him as a bishounen. The most interesting aspect of this episode isn’t Shinichi though, it’s Sachiko. Hachi’s fictional person turns out to be not so fictional. I suspected that this might happen and of course had to spoil myself on whether or not it was true the day the thought first came into my mind. Even though I received the initial shock value a few weeks ago, this was still quite ironic. Sachiko isn’t quite the way Hachi imagined her to be though. Rather than a seductress, she’s more of a moe type character. She was right about the part where Sachiko was an obstacle to winning Shouji’s affection though. Right at the time when Hachi and Shouji were having trouble with their relationship, Shouji develops a crush on Sachiko. I really doubt this will work out too well for Hachi. I feel bad for, but I have to admit that she’s partially at fault for the collapse of her and Shouji’s relationship.

Blast's adorable new member Sachiko made an interesting impressin on Shouji She's real! Umm...

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