Rin is seen as badly injured. She remembers back to how this occurred. When somebody was at the door, she thought it to be Shirou but it turned out to be our resident psycho Kirei. Shirou and Saber later return to find Rin in this state. Rin informs them that Kirei took Ilya to use as the vessel for the Holy Grail. She also gives Shirou the sword that she received when she became a mage. Rin is feeling tired so Shirou tells her to sleep. He’ll wake her up for breakfast the next morning. Rin says she won’t forgive him if he loses. Afterwards, Shirou gives Saber permission to extract her sheath from him. After doing that, they go to fight their last battle with Gilgamesh and Kirei. After all, Saber will disappear after the war. They find Gilgamesh first. Saber asks him what his objective is if he wins the war and Gilgamesh replies that she’s his objective. He doesn’t want Shirou, so Shirou eventually leaves to go fight Kirei. When Shirou finds him, he also finds Ilya being used in a strange ritual to drip out the grails power in the form of mud. He says that all past rituals to summon the Holy Grail have failed. However, he’s going to cause destruction for the world. He thinks that the most valuable point in a human’s life is their death. He actually liked the huge fire from ten years ago. Kirei actually understands the fact that he’s psychotic, but he says that he loves the humans more than anyone so nobody but him should be able to use the Holy Grail. Shirou starts to with Kirei, while Saber and Gilgamesh also battle. In Shirou’s battle, Kirei comments on how much he hates Shirou’s father for stopping him and that he wants Shirou to suffer the same fate. Saber is able to hear Shirou’s screams as he’s attacked by the mud. Despite what Gilgamesh says, she doesn’t believe her master is dead though. Gilgamesh eventually hangs Saber upside-down from her feet and continues to mock her, but Saber kicks him to break free. This gets Gilgamesh mad so he decides to kill her. They both summon their swords to attack.

I’m enjoying this conclusion quite a bit. It’s sort of disappointing that Kirei has no depth, but he’s a very amusing character. His utter insanity had me laughing, partially because he reminded me of one of my all time favorite anime characters, Hellmaster Phibrizzo from Slayers. I’m almost hoping that next week Kirei does an “I wanna be destroyed!” speech. Chances are very slim though. Anyway, I enjoy psychotic villains for the most part. They’re at least fun to root against. While I can pretty much guess what will happen next week, I’m still excited about the ending. For once, a last episode preview actually showed what was going to happen. In most cases, they show absolutely nothing. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s so scarce that I thought it was kind of cool. The only thing I’m unsure of now is the fate of Ilya. *Must avoid spoilers*

No animal to fly in front of him? Poor Ilya Great psycho expression

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