Aside from a couple of regents exams, I’m done with school for the year. ^_^ More free time will be great. Later tonight or some time tomorrow, I’ll get up an entry for Utawarerumono 11. I still have to watch it, but I’ve seen some screencaps and it looks excellent.

Lumen and Sparkle

Time for some Spider Riders news. Despite the fact that nobody but myself is crazy enough to watch this, my Shortstat plugin shows that I get quite a lot of hits from people looking for information on this series. Anyway, the official site has some info up on the manga, as well as a sample chapter available online. I couldn’t understand much of it since it’s in Japanese, but it seems pretty different from the anime. It’s also a bit ecchier, having some Corona fanservice in it. There’s also a 4koma omake called Sparkling Sparkle (featuring Sparkle Hime of course) that’s quite cute. The above image indicates that the manga may develop a bit more into the Lumen x Sparkle pairing than the anime seems to be doing. I wouldn’t expect them to have any hardcore incest though.

Next, this Saturday the edited English dub of the anime will be airing on KidsWB. :( I won’t be home to watch it, as I’ll be at Anime Next, but I’m not looking forward to it either. Apparently, there’ll be name changes and the skipping of episodes. At least the name changese aren’t that bad (ie: Ignus to Igneous, Hotara to Hotarla.) Edit: Although those are actually the correct spellings. I base these things entriely on the Japanese pronunciations. Some characters will keep their names too. There’s also going to be a horrible rap opening, which is available for download on KidsWB’s official Spider Rider’s website. I have no idea if the dub voices will be good or not. I doubt it, but hopefully there will be an unedited DVD releases to cure all of these problems.

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Hello,could you tell me where you found that image of Lumen and Sparkle it’s super kawaii,please?

Comment by Marii 08.14.06 @ 9:10 pm

Well as the comment above said I was wondering where you found that image or did you scan….also do you know of any site’s who have fanart on htise anime/manga,i’d really apprciate it if you could respond back please?(also it’s ok if the site is in japanese)

Comment by june 08.16.06 @ 7:07 pm

ooooh fanart….got to find some sparkle and lumen stuff!

Comment by marii 08.20.06 @ 10:55 pm

…I know so sad =( they probaly won’t delve into any Lumen/Sparkle as a couple becuase it’s incest,but really why could’nt they have made them distant cousins or something haha I know I know still bad but not as bad as a brother/sister lovefest.

Comment by marii 08.20.06 @ 10:59 pm

Hey finally someone else who loves the Lumen and Sparkle thing to!!!I think they’re just to cute together I want to read thje manga now to see if maybe they woll delve into it some what.

Comment by LumenSparkleFan 11.05.06 @ 1:38 am

They are so cute together!!!…^-^

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.05.06 @ 4:42 pm

I know I lovethem together they need some fanfics and fanart on this pairing!

Comment by Jonaws 02.12.07 @ 11:44 pm

@Jonaws- Don’t know where you can find fanfic, but this site had some cute fanart:

Comment by TL-chan 02.13.07 @ 7:26 pm

Thanks there so pretty I wish I knew Japanese,I wonder if they’re a popular pairing in Japan?

Comment by Jonaws 02.14.07 @ 12:00 am

@Jonaws- I’d say that they are.

Looking through my archives, I remembered this site:
The page is pretty dead, but they used to do some really nice art. For some things that will help you navigate Japanese pages:
スパイダーライダーズ = Spider Riders
イラスト = Illustrations

And while I’m on the subject, some random promotion of more favorites: - Warning: lots of slash -Content currently down, but hopefully it will be back soon. The episode “museums” are the funniest part, so hopefully they do some more soon. -This jewel of a site (and their image board, which I also included) has lots of pretty Buguese/Aqune, so I love them. - Additional fanart hiding in the memo, Lots of it if you go through the archives. This site also rules for mentioning my site. -And, this one was pretty cute I think. I haven’t been on it for a while, since they don’t update much.

Comment by TL-chan 02.14.07 @ 6:31 am

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