Yet another battle occurs. Teoro informs Hakuoro that everyone has escaped. During the battle, Teoro rests on a pillar and thinks about how good a ruler Hakuoro’s been. It’s seen that Teoro is bleeding badly. While dying, he has a vision of being with his wife and some other villages. Meanwhile, Hakuoro’s army is successful at defeating the attackers. When they find Teoro dead, they take him and put him in a bed. Not realizing that he’s dead, Aruru tries persistently to wake him up. During this time, Kurou reports that there were no survivors in the enemy village, which was burned down. Aruru still tries to wake up Teoro, so Hakuoro tells her that she won’t wake up and is in the same place as her grandmother. Aruru becomes more upset so Kurou forces her away from Teoro. Eruru has to use some kind of medicine to knock her out. Since Eruru really isn’t stable herself after this, Hakuoro uses the same thing on her. Later, during a meeting, Bennaui informs Hakuoro that the enemy was from Kutcha-Ketcha. Karura says that their soldiers are people who have fully accepted death. Hakuoro later goes to see Eruru and Aruru. He pats Eruru on the head and goes to tuck her in, but notices that she’s grabbed his hand in her sleep. The next morning, a messenger arrives. They had sent him to Kutcha-Ketcha. He was wounded very badly and dies on the spot. However, he’s first able to warn them that everyone but the envoy died. Everyone goes into battle and are soon ambushed by the enemy. Among them is a girl named Touka. She wants to kill Hakuoro, whom she calls Rakushain. Karura stops Touka. The two know each other. Another man also wants to kill Hakuoro. Rakushain was this man’s traitorous brother-in-law.

My prediction from yesterday wsa right. Excellent is definitely a word I’d use to describe this week’s episode. That and gripping. Teoro’s death was done in a manner that made it seem very tragic to me, even though I never had any special interest in his character. The craziest scene to watch though was the one where Aruru was trying to wake Teoro up. It just seemed so tragic and hopeless. I love a scene that can have me so tense and glued to the screen, where the language barrier seems non-existent. It’s interesting how at times this show can be so cute, but than it shifts into a dark drama or bloody battle. It’s certainly not your average harem. There were also some clues to Hakuoro’s past this week. I don’t know if there’s any truth to what was said at the end of this episode, but I still didn’t expect to hear anything at all regarding Hakuoro’s background until at least the second half. Next week Touka gets lots of screentime. She seems alright from her minute of screentime this week. We’ll get to see her fight Karura and Oboro.

Lovely bloodbath Touka Possibly Hakuoro's brother-in-law

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“During this time, Kurou reports that there were no survivors in the enemy village, which was burned down.”
~~~~ ~~~~

Eruuruu’s village you mean. Nobody survived. Hence the growing anger on Hakuoro’s part.

Also, Touka does not know Karura. Her first comment after Karura parried her attack was, “Who are you?”


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