Etna is annoyed by the fact that her Prinnies are all gone. So is Laharl, because that means nobody can cook decent food for him. Etna explains that all the Prinnies gradually came and asked her to leave and eventually there were none left. While she, Laharl and Flonne go in search of them, they discover that other Prinnies in the world have disappeared too. They eventually locate the Prinnies and while wearing poorly made disguises (especially Laharl’s, due to budget constraints) follow them on a boat ride. They’re able to trick the Prinnies for a while, but the Prinnies eventually decide that Laharl, Etna and Flonne are spies. In there plans to gain independence from the demons’ rule, they create a fire to destroy the spies. Both Laharl and Flonne are too hungry to stop it, nut luckily a red Prinny helps them all escape. She feeds them and explains that the Prinnies are planning a coup d’etat. Later, it’s discovered that the Prinnies are holding quite an extravagant meeting. They’re being led by an elderly Prinny. During the event, their guardian, a statue, starts to react. This is because Gordon, Jennifer and Thursday have shown up to finish off Laharl. Thursday becomes a bazooka and blasts the guardian, but underneath the statue is a robot, Prinniga-X2. Prinniga-X2 defeats Gordon’s team easily. The elderly Prinny is scene atop the robot and declares himself Dartspring the 3rd- Prinny Demon King. Unfortunately for Dartspring, Laharl disagrees with his title and destroys Prinniga. Also, the island has too many Prinnies at the time so it sinks. The Prinnies are back to being slaves, but they plan on getting independence someday.

I’m so behind on this series, so I figured I’d just wait for the sub releases. I did just that now. Anyway, this episode was so stupid that it was good. Gordon has proved once again that he’s a Grade-A idiot. How did he manage to become a space captain anyway? The Prinnies are quite ridiculous too. I suppose they deserve their independence, but they took the whole thing a bit too far. I don’t know if a robot was necessary. Maybe it wasn’t enough though, because they did fail. In the future, Laharl should look out because they plan to strike again. As an unrelated note, I’m glad this series is almost over because cute as it is, it’s completely plotless so I don’t know how much more of it I can take. I’m only going to keep following it because it’s so cute.

Etna actually has to work when the Prinnies are gone I think the Prinnies should've been a bit more suspicious from the start Flonne wanted Prinniga-X2 for herself They've failed

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