Gordon, Jennifer and Thursday show up once again. Laharl decides to accept Gordon’s challenge for once, so he, Etna and Flonne board Gordon’s ship. It’s there where they learn that Jennifer was responsible for building Thursday and is also Gordon’s superior. They also find the Tome of Demons, a book whose holder will be recognized as demon king. Actually, only the cover is significant. Inside is some kind of porn book. Laharl finds his castle and declares himself demon king there. He also repairs the castle. Thursday reacts to the occurrence of Laharl becoming king and sends a signal to the battleship Gargantua. Gordon thinks it’s coming to aide him, but Jennifer knows the truth. Her adoptive father Carter, commander-in-chief of the Earth Defense Corps, is coming. His goal is to take over the demon realm. A green-haired man arrives first though. He’s Curtis, another defender of Earth on Carter’s side. Laharl goes to fight Carter, and destroys a large amount of his fleets. However, Carter is receiving help from the evil angel. During Gordon and Curtis’ fight, Curtis has Thursday take Etna and Flonne hostage. Curtis reveals that Gordon was just being used and that he came to take Jennifer back. Jennifer wants to stay with Gordon. She eventually goes with them, saying that she should be punished. However, she’s crying while saying this. While on the ship, Carter tries to use Etna and Flonne against Laharl, but he really doesn’t care that they’re hostages so Carter’s forced to use a divine weapon. Laharl is still okay though. He’s later able to get Laharl by surprise though and blast him off the ship. Laharl is quite angry at him now that he sees that the Angels are involved too. He’s willing to team up with Gordon, who wants to make sure Jennifer doesn’t have to cry again. Meanwhile, Carter fires a beam at the demon realm.

Wow, that actually had plot! This was the most interesting episode so far. I actually feel bad for making fun of Gordon in past entries. I still have to admit that he’s an idiot, but I feel really bad for him. He was manipulated by Carter, who’s a total creep. I don’t really see why he wants to take over the demon realm. I question if he even thinks that’s a heroic thing to do. The angel, however, certainly doesn’t have pure motives behind this plan. He’s caused trouble before. He seems to be the one who’s behind all of this, considering that Carter is obeying him. I didn’t expect Jennifer to be such an interesting character. I also feel pretty bad for her, because now she’s torn between her adoptive father and Gordon. I hope she’ll choose Gordon in the end though. Not only is Carter obnoxious, but Gordon seems to genuinely love her. They make a pretty cute pairing. The fact that I’m actually interested in seeing the next episode scares me. I guess every series needs at least one good story arc.

Now the demon king An alliance between obnoxious people Some bondage Finally some angst

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