Jennifer informs Etna and Flonne about her father’s plans. She goes to try and convince her father to change his mind while Etna and Flonne escape. Before she leaves, Flonne wants to find out what connection this has to heaven. Etna has no real choice but to follow and Flonne’s pendant leads them to the weapon used against Laharl. They’re stopped by guards. In the mean time, Jennifer confronts Carter, who wants her to someday take his place. He tricks Jennifer into thinking he’ll talk things over but actually knocks her out. Etna and Flonne have more success, as they’re able to summon the Prinnies to hold back the guards. Jennifer, however, is now hooked up to some kind of machine. She figures out what it is, but it’s too late. Curtis, meanwhile, uses Thursday to stop the Prinnies. Lahral and Gordon show up at the opportune moment. Curtis tells them that Jennifer is being transformed. Flonne, Etna and Laharl think that she’s being turned into a robot and Flonne gets a very creepy mental image. Curtis then goes into explaining his tragic past, where his wife and daughter died. His goal now is to protect the humans, whatever the cost. However, he doesn’t care if any demons lose their family. Curtis and Gordon have a fight, during which Curtis eventually learns what it really means to be a defender of Earth. He tells everyone where Jennifer is and they find that she’s being mind controlled. Curtis is able to stop her though and jumps off the building with the thing that was controlling her, getting blown up. Jennifer is quite upset after this and turns on her Carter. The angels then show up and Flonne learns that they’re involved in the plan too. Carter confirms this and leaves, having a brief meeting with Mid-boss. Gordon, Jennifer and Thrusday leave, giving a ship to Laharl’s group. Flonne wants to go to heaven to learn what’s going on exactly. Laharl wants to conquer heaven so he can rule all three realms, so he, Flonne, and Etna blast off. The first thing they discover is a red moon.

Not bad. I actually wanted to take this episode seriously at points, but it was still too ridiculous. Some of the commentary by Laharl, Flonne and Etna was funny. I liked when they realized that this episode was actually about Gordon. It’s true, they were just the side characters for a change. I wonder if now that their story is over, this is the last we’ll see of Gordon, Jennifer and Thursday. I also wonder if the fact that these three, as well as the evil angel Vulcanus had bigger roles to play than occasionally appearing annoyances means that Mid-boss is a part of something big. I doubt that though. He seems possibly too ridiculous to be a significant character. I wouldn’t mind though, because I like serious plot developments. I think the best way to go about watching this series is to watch the first two episodes and get acquainted with the main characters, then skip to episode 9. Either that or skip the series all together. I really, really want to play the game, since it’s supposedly superior. I’ve just been unable to find it. Maybe I should check my local Game Stop.

Still grossed out by massive boobs Curtis is quite suicidal The angels aren't as angelic as she believed He seems to be behind whatever the angels are planning

Oh, and the series is licensed by Geneon now. Yes, it’s terrible but I’ll probably buy it anyway. My love for cute things will be the death of me someday.

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Ah, this series is just getting better and better. It is actually very cute. Don’t think it’ll be the death of ya…more like much suffering and lack of money, but worth it. ^_^ I’m gonna be purchasing in the near future as well.

Comment by Alice 06.16.06 @ 4:50 pm

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