Hachi is nearly broke. To make things worse for her, Nana says that if she can’t pay her half of the rent, she’ll have to leave. When Hachi seeks help from Junko and Kyousuke about it the next day, they don’t help her either. Junko gives her a bag of rice though. At work, Nana tries to budget and realizes that she’ll have to skip lunch. After she lies to her boss about being on a diet, he asks her out to lunch. Hachi is overjoyed. Meanwhile, Kyousuke sees Shouji and Sachiko about it. He’s worried over the fact that Shouji finds her cute and a bit freaked out that her name’s Sachiko. He reports this to Junko. Nana is playing the drums in her apartment when Shin walks in. Shin figures out that Yasu taught Nana how to play. Nana questions whether Shin’s parents will worry about him, since he’s been living with Nobu. Shin says they won’t and Nana decides not to inquire any further into this. While eating with Mizukoshi, Hachi explains that Shin is still in Jr. High. Hachi also thinks that Nana doesn’t want a new drummer since she’s in love with Yasu. Despite this being inaccurate, Hachi’s till convinced that it’s a fact. After they eat, Hachi accidentally smashes her head while dancing around, causing her to be in an awkward position with Mizukoshi. The situation gets even stranger for her when Mizukoshi tells her not to leave because he has something important to tell her. As tension builds up, Hachi starts to think he’s confessing to her. She’s quite distressed to learn that he’s just closing the shop. That means Hachi is out of work. In the meantime, Shouji and Sachiko are rushing to catch the last train. Sachiko runs out of one of her shoes and tells Shouji to go ahead while she goes back for it. Shouji waits and they both wind up missing the train. Shouji isn’t too upset but complains a little, wondering why Sachiko wore shoes like that if she knew she’d have to run. Sachiko says that maybe she did it purposely. This gets Shouji embarrassed. Hachi then calls, crying for help. When Sachiko learns that the person who called was Shouji’s girlfriend, she pays for Shouji’s cab, not wanting to take treats from men with girlfriends. Sachiko cries afterwards though. Shouji and Hachi meet up and Hachi learns that Shouji spent most of his money on a new computer. Luckily for Hachi, she finds that her mother left her some money in her back account. Hachi brings Nana the good news and plans to go out for sukiyaki. Nana wants her to budget and gives her some natto to eat. Nana also suggests she call her mother to say thanks. She next teases Hachi for being homesick, causing Hachi to ask if she’s ever homesick. Nana says she’s not because she doesn’t have a home. Afterwards, she sees Yasu in her apartment, who moved to Tokyo to return to Blast. Nana cries in his arms.

It’s nice to see yet another satisfactory episode. Whether this was the creator’s intent or not, I actually felt worse for Sachiko than I did for Hachi. While I initially wanted success in Hachi and Shouji’s relationship, it’s becoming clearer that they’re really not meant for each other. Hachi’s too dependant a person to have success in any relationship at this time. In the beginning, Shouji pushed Hachi to be more self-sufficient, but that never really worked with her. I was actually kind of disappointed that Hachi was just given money at the end. That money will only last for so long, especially if she keeps spending the way she does now. She’ll still need to find another job. In the case of Sachiko, her only problem is that she came into Shouji’s life at the wrong moment. I feel bad for her, because while she seems to really like him, she can’t get involved with him because he’s with Hachi. I wonder if she’ll still spend time with him out of work, after what happened this week. I hope so, because it would be a pity if she missed out on getting a boyfriend because of Shouji’s messed-up relationship with Hachi.

Hachi needs a clue sometimes Not what it seems This will only add more feul to Hachi's theory

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