During the battle, Shirou and Saber both realize that the place in Saber’s dreams was Avalon and simultaneously reach for a sword. Shirou is freed from the mud. Saber is now able to kill Gilgamesh and Shirou is able to kill Kirei. Before dying, Gilgamesh explains to Saber that the ability to reach Avalon can be done by nobody but her and is her true noble phantasm. He also allows the fact that Saber was an abominable woman. Kirei also has some words before death. He’s shocked that Shirou haad such a weapon, since he had given it to some girl, Rin, years ago. After both Gilgamesh and Kirei are dead, Shirou creates a blanket and catches Ilya. Saber then comes and requests for Shirou to allow her to destroy the grail. Shirou is reluctant to do this because he loves Saber, but allows it for the same reason. Saber destroys the grail and before disappearing permanently, tells Shirou that she loves him. Shirou is woken up by Sakura afterwards. Things in his life continue as they would. He meets up with Rin on his way to school. As they talk, Shirou thinks about the fact that he may forget everything about Saber someday, but he’ll always remember that he loved her. Shirou tells Rin to go without him and runs off. Meanwhile, Saber wakes up in Avalon with a man named Bedivere. Saber tells him that she saw a dream. Bedivere explains that if she sleeps some more, she can see the continuation of that dream. Saber gives Bedivere the orders to dispose of her sword. After this happens, Saber states that this time she might sleep for longer before falling asleep.

As far as last episodes go, this was a pretty enjoyable one. It started off a bit slow, but I was able to get into it pretty quickly. The ending was quite typical and predictable, but that didn’t make it any less pretty. While I like crazy endings that leave you staring at the screen with your mouth gaping open, they don’t always work. In this case, something like that wouldn’t have fit. One would expect a fantasy series to have a fantasy ending, just as this did. While it took the bittersweet path instead of the happy path, I’m perfectly fine with that. I loved the final ending theme as well. It was a bit fast paced for the ending theme of a final episode, but I prefer faster songs over ballads any day. They also picked some great scenes to show during it. Anime such as Fate/Stay Night only show up once in a while. There’s a lot of series out there that get hyped like crazy, but they often don’t live up to it. Maybe this series wasn’t as good as the rabid Japanese fanbase would like you to believe, but it came pretty darned close to being of that level of quality. I was one of the few people that actually liked the fact that this series started off slow. It was a great way to ease the viewer in and get them to know the characters before the show became more action-packed. Even in the early episodes, there was still quite a number of good action scenes. If the UBW or HF routes ever get made into an anime I’ll be sure to watch. For now though, the Fate route is almost ready to be released by the group who’s translating the game.

How romantic... not! Darn, these screenshots are took are difficult to caption This is a guy, right? The lion still exists

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