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Sayaka was abandoned in the park by her father. One day she met Aya there, who invited her to play. In present time, she’s contently with Ryota, who’s giving commands on the Aries. He tells everyone to prepare. Nao soon realizes that Nanami isn’t with them. Nanami says farewell to Kuu-chan before going through some duct in the ship. Afterwards, Ryota talks to Sayaka about how he’s trying to keep everyone safe, which leads Sayaka to mention Aya. She explains what happened in their past and that’s why she wants to protect Aya now. Ryota is able to cheer Sayaka up. She’s impressed by the fact that he’s always so strong. Meanwhile, Kazuhiko and Karen leave Aki in charge before going to do their job and Yu makes sure Shin is feeling better. He says he is, so they go as well. Nao searches for Nanami, Gale and Aya continue running and Shuhei worries about the safety of Nao and Ryota. Throughout the ship, everyone has now joined in the search for Nanami (accept for obviously Gale, Aya, Shuhei and Celleria.) While crawling through the duct, Nanami remembers her talk with Shin. She asked if Celleria was going to stop. Shin says that Celleria can still live with only one cell. He asks if Nanami will put in end to her since she’s a fusion of human and Sukyura. Nanami thins that she’ll do her best. Eventually, Kuu-chan’s howling attracts Nao and Ryota. When the dog enters the duct, they realize that’s where Nanami went. An explosion is then heard. Aki tries harder to hack, but is unaware that she’s being watched by a Sukyura. As it approaches, she realizes something’s there and screams. Luckily, Yu and Shin show up just in time to stop it. Both of the mechs go into space, one with Kazuhiko and Karen, the other with Sayaka and Morimoto. Meanwhile, Nanami communicates with Shuhei. By the time she’s done, she’s reached the end of the duct. When Kazuhiko and Karen leave their destination, another control area, Kazuhiko takes control of the computer and the two split up. Aya is now in one of the mechs and is ready to go when more enemies show up. Gale stays behind to fight them, closing the door so Aya can escape. Watching through a window, Aya tries to stop him but Gale can’t here her. He fights them all but is badly hurt. At the last minute he blows everyone up, including himself. The force sends Aya into space. Later, Nao and Ryota return without success. Sayaka sends a message, saying that preparations are ready. Ryota sends out Nao and Aki since they don’t have much time. More Sukyura attack and Yu and Shin decide to stay and fight him. Yu tells Ryota to go. Ryota says they’re being too reckless, but Yu throws back the fact that he’s the leader so he should go. Shin adds that they’ll be fine, so Ryota goes with Nao and Aki, cramped into the same mech as Sayaka. They drop Nao and Aki off with Kazuhiko. Then, Sayaka receives a message. Surprisingly, it’s from Aya. They’re both overjoyed to be able to talk again. Once Sayaka learsn where her friend is, she and Ryota go after her. Morimoto decides to help. When both Sayaka and Aya are back on the Aries, they hug. Karen is happy to see Aya again too and asks where Gale is. Aya starts to cry, causing Karen to realize what happened and cry as well. As Karen goes off angrily, Celleria states that she found something.

So there is going to be another episode. What occurred last week was actually a special episode. Technically, that’s 10.5 and this is 11, but I’m just going to call this episode 12 to keep a consistency. This episode was far easier than others to translate, though there were still some parts that I was iffy on, so my eternal disclaimer of “100% accuracy NOT guaranteed” holds true here. The episode was excellent though. The animation quality went way, way up at points, especially during the Gale death scene and the Sayaka/Aya renunion. However, some other parts looked beautiful as well. The show hasn’t been this nice looking since episode 1. I’m afraid that the quality will drop again by next week though since I doubt the staff can stay on top of thinks for two whole weeks in a row. As for highlights of the episode, Gale’s death was the most interesting scene. It was pretty depressing to watch, especially because I was really rooting for the Gale/Aya pairing to be successful. Yes, I’m sick-minded sometimes. While I could tell that his inevitable death was coming throughout the whole scene, it was presented in a way that kept me very tense, hoping that he would find some way to win and survive. Now Yu and Shin are left in a dangerous situation, but they seem to be faring better than Gale. It was also interesting to learn about Sayaka’s back story. It makes the fact that she wanted to save Aya make more sense. Seeing how much Sayaka owes to Aya gives her a better motive for caring so much about this mission than merely the fact that she and Aya were friends. Anyway, I’m looking very forward to seeing the conclusion (at least I think it’s the conclusion, unless they added another episode) and discovering what Celleria found at the end.

Chibi Sayaka is lonely Another girl wants to play with her It's Aya, who dosn't seem to have matured physically Chibi Aya and Sayaka become friends Nanami wants to stop Celleria Despite the way he looks, Shin is actually fine This is quite a long tunnel Good Kuu-chan! Look out! Some loli fanservice, for no reason at all Aya's going to escape... but Gale stays back to fight Ouch! Poor Aya I must continue marveling at the animation while I still can Gale thinks about Aya before he dies Ryota and Nao return without Nanami Kicking some Sukyura butt! It's kind of cramped in there Sayaka is surprised to get a message from Aya They're together again! Karen realizes that Gale is dead Time for revenge

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