Rather than arriving immediately in heaven, the group winds up on a bridge crossing to the moon. There, they find a large amount of Prinnies. Laharl isn’t pleased by the fact that they won’t follow his orders. The red Prinny tries to stop him and eventually causes him to storm off, with Etna following. FLonne questions the red Prinny, because she notices how different she is from all the other Prinnies. Seeing the red Prinny’s reaction, Flonne decides to forget she said anything. Red Prinny comments that thanks to Flonne, Laharl finally has some love in his heart. Meanwhile, Etna teases Laharl about his treatment of the Prinnies, which gets him mad enough to send her away. Flonne comes to talk about Laharl’s love, but he also becomes furious at her. Flonne and Etna talk about Laharl’s potential for love, causing Etna to eventually admit that Laharl is a special case. This is because his mother was human. She tried to teach Laharl kindness. However, Laharl caught a disease at some point. The only way to save him was to sacrifice the life of the one who loved him the most. His mother willingly sacrificed herself. After that, Laharl was only hateful. Later, the Prinnies are seen sending little orbs of some kind up to the red moon. Red Prinny explains to Etna and Flonne that they’re sending up the souls of those who have committed sins. The ones who have repented for their sins are following the path of light. Mid-boss is simultaneously explaining this to Laharl. Laharl beats him and tries to interfere with this to get his servants back. Red Prinny begs him to treat the souls with kindness and love. Her words remind Laharl of his mother, so he stops and allows the ritual to continue. The Red Prinny says that she can now go to the red moon without any worries. Flonne asks what kind of sin she committed. Red Prinny replies that she threw away her own life for her son’s sake. Because of her death, he locked away his feelings. They’re now coming out again thanks to the people around him. Before giving up her soul, she tells Flonne and Etna to take care of Laharl. As they all watch, Flonne realizes that denying love and kindness is Laharl’s way of accepting his mother’s death.

Another episode of solid plot! That’s always a good thing. It was cool to get some more back story on Laharl. I never really considered his mother, as she hadn’t been mentioned until now. Regardless, I wouldn’t have guessed that she would be human. It was a nice plot twist though, especially because it gave more depth to his hate for kindness besides the fact that he was a demon. Red Prinny always did seem mysterious, so it was cool that there was a reason for her to be so different. One thing that I didn’t get about this episode was the whole thing with the Prinnies being transporters of human souls. I’m pretty confused as to exactly how that works. Is that the only thing they exist for? I kind of doubt that, otherwise the whole revolt thing would’ve been completely pointless. I probably shouldn’t be putting so much thought into the purpose of the Prinnies. This is children’s anime, not psychology.

A shocked Prinny dosn't look too different from a normal Prinny As usual, gushing over the power of love Cute eyecatch this time It looks cool that the light from the red moon is refelcting in his eyes

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