Akito’s brother is able to intimidate Akito enough to get him back and locks him in a cage. In an effort to save his friend, Ikki punches Akito’s brother and also reveals that he stole a part of his truck. The truck rolls down a hill and Akito’s brother chases after it until it lands in the water. Meanwhile, Kazu is practicing his skating. He sees a guy getting antagonized and goes to save him. Buccha winds up doing all the work though. Kazu pretends not to care. The next day at school, Akito transfers into Ikki’s class, much to the horror of Ton-chan. Akito seems to be enjoying the extra time around Ikki though. After school, Ikki gives positions to his teammates. Akito and Buccha get the good positions. Kazu and Onigiri aren’t happy to have the lesser jobs. Kazu goes off sulking when he runs into a friend of his who wants to talk. This friend takes him to meet a gang who has a position open for Kazu. However, there are some terms to it. Kazu doesn’t like it, because he doesn’t want to go against Ikki. He accepts his position and fights them all off. Some time later, Kazu and Onigiri are neglecting their work by watching a commercial for the Parts War A-T tournament. Meanwhile, Ikki, Ringo and Buccha are shopping for a team uniform. They’re not having a lot of luck, especially Buccha, who can’t fit into anything. When they get home, they go to Ume for help. Ume introduces them to a friend who makes the creepy dolls she likes. The designer works on getting uniforms for the team. Ikki’s team eventually chooses the name Kogarasumaru. At school, Ikki, Kazu and Onigiri run into the gang from earlier. Based on what Maki said, Ikki gets the idea in his head that he’s a legend. One night, the Kogarasumaru team discovers that the Sabel Tigers team is in the area. They decide to beat the crud out of the Sabel Tigers. However, Ringo is upset by this. She thinks that Ikki’s team is becoming like the Skull Saders. The Sabel Tigers come back and challenge Kogarasumaru. They have some sort of gadget that allows them to calculate their success. The terms of the fight are, if they win, Ringo and the other girls will have to strip. Ikki accepts the match and places his emblem on top of the Sabel Tiger’s.

And here we have the cramming of a ton of manga chapters into one episode. I find it kind of funny how they abbreviated the arc where Kazu angsts about being overshadowed by Ikki snce he’s still quite a bit overshadowed. It would have been more logical if it played out closer to the way it did in the manga. I wonder if they’re trying to make this 26 episodes or something. While I really don’t need anymore 50+ episode series to watch, there’s so much manga material here that it would be the obvious choice to have a large episode count. While this was one of the lesser episodes, it still had its good points. The defeat of Akito’s brother was rather funny. I’m betting that he’ll be back though. I haven’t seen it happen yet in the manga, but I’m quite behind. Buccha’s clothes shopping was also amusing. How did he get the clothes he wears now in the first place? Anyway, there was no Air Gear on last week, apparently because of the World Cup. You’re telling me people would rather watch soccer than cheesy extreme roller skating? ^_^;

He looks surprisingly calm for someone who's in a small cage Cooler than Ikki Ume's friends are just as weird as her Ikki challenges the Sabel Tigers

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I choose cheesy skating anime over soccer any day

Comment by Mary 06.26.06 @ 11:24 am

i haven’t seen this epi yet… may i ask where i may be able to stuble upon one?

Comment by star234gurl 06.26.06 @ 11:00 pm

All I’ve seen is the Chinese subbed version (I couldn’t even find a raw) over at this site: http://bt.greedland.net/cache_html/0/default/DESC/1.htm

Unfortunately, it’s a rather difficult site to navigate.

Comment by TL-chan 06.27.06 @ 6:41 am

oh gosh! it’s just scary to look at. guess i’ll have to vigil youtube… thanks

Comment by star234gurl 06.28.06 @ 1:00 am

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