Karen goes on a killing spree while a Sukyura attacks Sayaka and Aya. Ryota is unable to help after being shot in the leg. Morimoto takes the hit for the girls. Ryota freaks out and kills the guy temporarily. Sayaka, Aya and Ryota go over to Morimoto, who tells them not to be worried. Sayaka and Aya realize they have other important things to do and run off. Morimoto reveals to Ryota that he knew Sayaka as a child. He shows him a picture of Sayka and her father in a locket and tells Ryota to protect her smile… protect Sayaka, his daughter. Morimoto then dies. Sayaka and Aya come back with Nao and Sayaka is shocked to overhear this. Nao takes care of Ryota’s wound while Sayaka stares at the locket. She tries to be strong though for herself and Ryota, who’s also very concerned. Meanwhile, Nanami finds Celleria. Celleria intimidates her right away and Shuhei tells her to run. While Nanami tries to remember everything Shin told her, Celleria continues taunting her. During Karen’s slaughter-fest, she eventually gets in trouble but is saved by Yu and Shin. They all return to the main control room of the Botein. In the meantime, Celleria has started physically hurting Nanami. Much to Celleria’s amusement, Shuhei is too weak to do anything. Nanami tries to attack Celleria, but Celleria grabs her hand. She’s distracted when Kuu-chan runs in, and Nanami is able to touch her with her liquified hand. Celleria is in a lot of pain and frees Nanami. She tries to make one last attack on Shuhei, but melts. Nanami collapses afterwards and Nao senses this somehow. Aginst Ryota’s protesting, Nao goes to find Nanami and Shuhei while Aki is counting down to the separation of the two parts of the Aries. Meanwhile, Nanami wakes up with Shuhei. Nao shows up and the “family” is happy to be reunited again. As the pieces of the separated portion of the ship crash down, Nanami states that she’s happy. After the others land, Sayaka stays with Ryota, kindly drilling him a bit. They seem to be sticking with their current jobs. Yu meets up with Shin at a park. She makes sure that he’s in good health. She also takes down her hair for Shin and decides to stay with him. Shuhei, Nanami and Nao are still alive and decide to take a shuttle to get back to Earth. It turns out, they made it back a while ago and Shin and Yu are remembering when they met up again. Karen was there as well. Aya, meanwhile, is carrying a ton of flowers for Gale, probably for some kind of memorial. Kazuhiko and Aki are sticking with their current jobs as well and back to their usual bickering. They meet up with Karen, who’s surprisingly wearing a dress. Aki decides to let Karen and Kazuhiko spend some time together. Sayaka and Ryota visit Morimoto’s grave. The little boy from the first episode comes to give a letter to Ryota, saying that he doesn’t know who it’s from. Inside is a picture from Shuhei, Nao and Nanami.

Aww.. a mostly happy ending, albeit a poorly animated one. They should’ve saved the nice animation from last week’s episode for this one. Unfortunately, this week was just more ugliness. I was pretty surprised to hear that Morimoto was Sayaka’s father. It was obvious that he had special interest in her, but I had guessed that he was just some sort of pervert. I’m kind of surprised that Sayaka didn’t realize it. Though he did look different, one would think she’d at least recognize his voice. Despite that plot line being a stretch to believe, it was at least interesting. Morimoto’s death was the last thing I would’ve expected and it was kind of sad to see. While at first I had no interest in his character, his unique and charming ways really grew on me. I thought of him as a comic relief character and the comic relief isn’t supposed to die. The Kazuhiko/Karen thing was somewhat of a surprise, but I like it. I didn’t mind the whole incest thing that was very hinted in the early episodes, but it did seem that there was something more to Kazuhiko and Karen’s interactions in the later episodes. I’m fine with all the parings that came out of this, but the Yu/Shin was probably my favorite. Granted, anyone can make Yu go deredere, but Shin got the furthest at it. Yu’s been much fun for my tsundere needs this season. For now, I guess I’ll look forward to Tsuyokiss. In all, despite the bad animation and iffy start, I’m very glad I watched Soul Link. It was an enjoyable series with a cast of very fun characters. While it certainly had less of a plot than other things I was following this season, it somehow turned out to be the series I was most looking forward too each week.

Poorly drawn, spoilerific images ahead.

Glad I'm not that guy Sayaka and Aya are attacked Morimoto sacrifices himself I can't believe she popped his eyes out Priceless expression Morimoto reveals his secret... before dying Nanami is rightfully scared of Celleria A poor attempt at being sexy? Time to squeeze the loli to death I'm... melting! Those last minute supernatural abillities are always useful Nanami is okay Ah, love! Nanami's finally happy Aftermath: Ryota and Sayaka Aftermath: Shin Aftermath: Yu Showing off her tsundere powers once more Aftermath: The great escape Aftermath: Aya Aftermath: Some sibling bickering Aftermath: Karen So Aki senses the Kazuhiko/Karen as well, huh? I guess the weird inscription is fitting for Morimoto Ryota and Sayaka visit Sayaka's father... and go off together The pervert boy is back The envelope's contents

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I was actually kinda relieved Morimoto died. He had that accent that even rivaled Cellaria’s incessant evil laughter as for most incredibly annoying thing about Soul Link.

Soul Link turned out to be a very mediocre series. As much as it was inept in many aspects, it also had a good deal of potential. It would’ve benefitted from tighter pacing and perhaps staying closer to its roots.

Agree with your point with the Yu/Shin pairing.

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