Minori gets a sketchbook. Since Saki can’t draw at all, she wants to draw with Mai. She calls Mai up, who accepts. To Minori’s disappointment, the next day it rains. They go out as planned though and soon enough the rain subsides. While looking for something to draw, Saki, Mai and Minori run into Michiru and Kaoru, who had just been meeting with Dorodron. Minori is excited to see Kaoru-oneesan and invites her to come along. Kaoru’s got pretty much no choice but to come along. It starts to rain again so Minori offers Kaoru an umbrella. Kaoru decides to share it with her. Feeling bad for Michiru, Saki brings her along as well. The rain does eventually stop, but because of it, Minori’s got something pretty to draw, the sparkling wet flowers. Flappy and Choppi are enjoying themselves as they play in the flowers until it starts to rain again. They’re most bothered though when they find Dorodoron and run back to Mai and Saki. Figuring out that Dorodoron is there, Kaoru takes Minori to safety. Michiru notices this. Mai and Saki realize that they’ve got quite a bad situation this time. Dorodoron has been absorbing the mud and is increasing in size. *Queue stock transformation.* Even transformed they’re having difficulty facing them and he traps the girls in a net. They break free, but Dorodoron just takes in more energy. He destroys all the plant-life in the area and creates armor for himself. That leaves Mai and Saki with one option, the all-powerful Twin Stream Splash. Of course it works, though Dorodoron managed to survive for a moment afterwards before turning to dust. The girls get another marble and place it inside their container which bears a striking similarity to the Futago Hime jewelry maker. They’re warped to the seven springs and restore their next spring. Meanwhile, Kaoru and Michiru discuss what happened earlier. Michiru comments on Kaoru protecting Minori, but Kaoru acts as if it didn’t really matter. Later, Minori shows Saki and Mai her artwork. She drew the three of them, as well as Michiru and Kaoru.

As I stated previously, I feel like covering this at least for the summer, since it’s so much better than it’s mediocre start. There’s that and the fact that the staff remembered that Minori existed. Minori sure was cute today, not that that’s a change from the usual. She’s certainly good at playing favorites too. I kind of feel bad for Kaoru, because she doesn’t know how to deal with the girl. Minori’s quite the ball of energy. Even Kaoru seems to like her though. If Minori knew that Kaoru was actually bad though, I wonder what would happen. I’m sure I’ll never know the results, because Minori’s far too oblivious. Besides, not even Mai and Saki know the truth. Speaking of those two, they’re just too strong and only getting stronger. Despite what Dorodoron became this week, they were still able to beat him effortlessly. As a personal request to Toei from both me and my brother: make Twin Stream Splash lose!!! It’s annoyingly efficient. I know this is meant for kids, but even in other kid’s series, the special techniques usually fail after awhile. I’m hoping that at the halfway point of the series, the girls will get a new attack.

Minori wants to sketch The unwilling target of Minori's unlimited energy Even in this form, Dorodoron is no match for the Pretty Cure Her art needs work, but still... cute!

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