Ikki studies the various games in parts war. The Kogarasumaru team will be playng the F-class “dash” game in their next match. The studying must’ve been too much for him because he sleeps in school. Once it’s time for the match against the Sabel Tigers, Buccha goes first and loses. Onigiri is up next and also loses. Things are looking grim so Akito decides to turn into Agito. The problem is, Agito doesn’t want to play. Ringo is worried about all of this and wants to do something about it, so she reappears in a wig, mask, and school swimsuit, calling herself Croissant Kamen. Nobody takes her seriously from either team, but Onigiri finds her attractive and chases after her. She’s eventually forced to flee. Kazu is up next, but he first tries to knock some sense into Agito. This gets him nowhere, but Ikki turn Agito back into Akito. Kazu plays and gets the team their first win. Ikki’s up next and goes against their leader, who’s revealed to actually be a girl, Iriya Natsumi. She uses the fact that she’s a girl to her advantage and takes the lead while Ikki is still ogling. However, while remembering back to his childhood, Ikki is able to win. Iriya’s top somehow comes off in the process.

Not only was I forced to watch the Chinese subbed version (though I got a different group’s and the font wasn’t as ugly as usual) but the video quality on this episode was terrible. The sound was lagging behind the images, so it was quite difficult to pay attention to what was going on. If I hadn’t read this part of the manga a while back I wouldn’t have had a clue as to what was going on. Oh well. One unfortunate thing about the anime was that the big surprise this episode wasn’t much of a surprise at all. While they made a big deal about the Sabel Tiger leader being a girl, in the anime you could tell right away due to her voice. Though I guess, considering Akito’s voice, anything’s possible I still thought Iriya’s voice was pretty obvious. The highlight of the episode was easily the appearance of Ringo’s alter-ego, Croissant Kamen though. I’ve been anticipating this, since she’s rather funny. Her initial appearance was a bit funnier in the manga, but the anime is rushing things, so I’m glad that they at least put her in. Next week, two plot-lines will be condensed together once again as in the same episode we have the ending of this plotline and the beginning of the Rika arc.

It's Croissant Kamen If Kazu's spaceship dosn't have some significance later I'll be surprised Chibi Ikki kawaii Yes, fanservice was the main point of this week's episode

Edit: Also, I feel it noteworthy to mention that my Air Gear gashapon have shipped. I don’t know which ones I’m going to get since I ordered them off of HLJ. While I’m not sure how I’d go about doing so, I’m considering selling doubles/triples/etc. There’s only 6 figures in the set, so I’ll be guaranteed to get at least some doubles in my box of 10. I’ll be pretty much satisfied if I at least get Ringo and Akito.

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