Once in heaven, the Laharl, Etna and Flonne meet up with Vulcan. Vulcan is angry at Flonne for conspiring with demons and wishes to punish her. At the same time, he believes that he’s perfectly justified with plotting against the demons. When Laharl and Etna prepare to fight him, Vulcan disappears. Flonne thinks that when they find Lamington, he’ll be able to justify everything. Etna wonders why he hasn’t come to help already and suggests that maybe he’s working with Vulcan. The three head to Lamington’s temple. There, Lamington punishes Vulcan by turning him into a frog. He also explains that he knew Vulcan was planned to have the humans attack the demon world but didn’t try to stop it. He thought of it as a trial and a necessary step to eventually achieving unity between all the realms. Laharl is angry at Lamington for all of this and doesn’t trust him. However, Flonne agrees with what Lamington is saying and has to repent for her sins. She first asks for Laharl and Etna to be forgiven in return. Laharl tries to stop this. Flonne is content with going through this repenting process because Laharl had taught her that demons can love too. She gives Laharl her pendant. When the process is complete, in her place is a flower and a blue thread. Etna and Laharl are angry at this and Laharl tries to kill Lamington. However, he stops in the middle, knowing that Flonne would’ve been happy. However, he decides that he’ll never acknowledge love again for the rest of his life. He decides to sacrifice his life, telling Etna to take his place. Flonne is reborn as a fallen angel, who’s now a teacher for demons. Etna is the new demon king. One day, one of the Prinnies warns the two of them that a new Prinny isn’t doing any work. They go outside and find on a lounge chair an evil Prinny wearing Flonne’s pendant and bearing Laharl’s eyes and voice.

Pretty good ending. It’s not everyday that the main character dies, so I’m pleased that Disgaea was brave enough to do it. I love character death, since it’s such a dramatic thing. Even though Laharl was reincarnated as a Prinny, he wasn’t quite himself and he still did die. Plus, it’s already been revealed earlier in the series that people could be reborn as Prinnies, so it’s not as if they came up with a last minute excuse just to bring him back like I’ve seen other series do. The final plotline was very interesting and made up for some of the lesser episodes earlier on. To see a mostly comical anime have scenes in the final episode that were so dramatic was a very nice treat. Pretty much from the moment where Flonne repented for her insignificant sin on I was pretty tense. As a whole, Disgaea is a decent series at best. The whole thing is just absurd. Pretty much all episodes up until the Gordon and Jennifer plotline are flat-out comedy. The problem was, the humor was only funny for so long. There were some good moments in all of those episodes but they didn’t really make up for the utter stupidity that was also in them. The last couple of episodes were a blast though. Once there was a plot, it got really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed each episode. For anyone who hasn’t watched this yet, start with the first two episodes that introduce you to the characters and than skip to episode 9. One thing that I liked about this series all the way through though was the characters. Out of the main three, I would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. I guess if I was forced to pick one it would be Flonne, but they’re all great in their own way.

Flonne repents for everyone's sins Laharl is deeply upset by Flonne's sacrifice The new demon king There's something different about this Prinny

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