- Hachi wants to marry Shouji
- Hachi learns from her mother that the money she was sent was intended for her wedding. She can use it for anything but can’t return home
- The only reason she was sent the above money was because Hachi’s sister Nami told their mother that Hachi left to be with her boyfriend, so her mother presumed that they were eloping
- A drunken Nana kisses Yasu and confesses her love for him, giving Hachi more feul for her theory of their relationship
- Hachi gets a job to earn money for when she marries Shouji
- Shouji is conflicted over his relationships with Hachi and Sachiko
- Yasu officially joins Nana’s band
- Shouji and Sachiko have sex

And once again, the ditzy TL-chan takes the lazy approach to blogging and simply bullets the important points. Thankfully, the Nana staff is back to being less-lazy and we get another actual episode. There’s also a new ending animation, but it’s immensely boring. The song is still the same. The episode itself was pretty enjoyable. I’ll admit that I really love the idea of Shouji and Sachiko being together. I don’t dislike Hachi like some people, but I like Sachiko better and I just think that she’s more fit to be with Shouji. Shouji and Hachi’s personalities conflict way too much to have a successful relationship. Despite this, I freaked out a little bit when I saw Shouji have sex with Sachiko. Since a lot of this episode was devoted to Hachi’s desire to get married to Shouji, it was a kind of cruel way to end the episode for her. I’m anxious to see her reaction when she learns about this occurrence. Also, I’m starting to think that if Nana and Ren don’t meet up again (which I’m hoping they will) than maybe she will get together with Yasu. Since Hachi’s fantasies about Sachiko were real (to an extent) than this one has the possibility of also becoming a reality. I suppose I wouldn’t mind too much, though I’d still rather see Nana with Ren at this point.

Very little sisterly resemblance Yet another scary anime drunk It's good to see that Hachi's getting serious

Now for the second point of this message: I need a gimmick and fast! Honestly, I’m a lazy person by nature. While I adore this blog and would love to keep blogging, I don’t know how much of my summer I want to spend writing summaries. Also, the whole summary format is way too generic. Currently, a lot of other bloggers are taking new approaches to blogging and I get a lot more enjoyment out of reading their work than I do summaries (which doesn’t mean I don’t still read other people’s summaries.) Besides being lazy and ditzy, a third character trait of mine is my uniqueness. I don’t want to remain bland. That’s why I have to come up with some kind of awesome new format for my posts. I rather like the bulleted list thingy, but that’s really the same thing as summarizing the more I think about it. I’m open to suggestions for any ways to make this blog more awesome.

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