A boy named Souta listens to a fairy tale from his mother. Soon after, a spider-like beast grabs his mother and sucks her away. The beast chases after Souta, but he’s saved by a mysterious girl. This turns out to be a dream and Souta is woken up by his friend Ringo, who rushes him to get ready for school. On the way there, they discuss his dream. Apparently, he’s had this same dream several times, though this time he had a different feeling. Ringo wonders if it’s really just a dream. It turns out that it’s not of course and the girl is currently fighting off monsters with the help of a blue wolf, Val. On the way to school, Souta says hello to all the flowers, while Ringo is teased about her relationship with Souta. Later, Ringo interrupts Souta while he’s in the library to tell him that the flowers are in bad condition. Souta assures that they just need water and sure enough, that does the trick. Ringo is impressed. Afterwards, Souta rushes off to look in the bookstore for a certain fairy-tale, but is interrupted when his dad calls from work. After the call, he starts to hear voices, which he follows until he finds a boy telling the fairy-tale with puppets. Apparently he got it wrong and so Souta corrects the boy, who seems to know that he had it wrong. He calls Souta the Erude Key and turns into a spider beast. He’s saved just in time by Val. Meanwhile, it’s seen that there’s some kind of conflict going on between two opposing countries. In the obviously bad country is a black-haired woman and a talking cat. In the other is a young boy with a funny thing on his head and a cute, whimpering animal named Kyupi. While they flee, Souta asks Val what he’s a key to. Val is surprised to hear that he’s the key, but before he can explain, they’re attacked again. Val (who wants to be called Val-sama) fights against the monster, giving Souta a chance to run. Just like in his dream, the beast chases after him so just like in his dream, the girl saves him. She fights and defeats the monster, much to the evil cat’s disappointment. The cat’s boss, a boy named Hansel, was watching too, so the cat tries unsuccessfully to make an excuse for the failure. Meanwhile, the girl makes sure that Souta is okay and introduces herself as Akazukin.

That was a blast to watch. I’m sure familiarity with the characters boosted my enjoyment, but it’s not like I actually remembered anything from the OAV except that it was cute and a couple character’s names. Speaking of names, I’m sure I got some of them wrong. A lot of the names in this show are unusual and they were kind if hard to understand. As far as changes in the transition from OAV to TV, there are a couple. The characters seem to be about the same personality-wise (Val is arrogant, Ringo is bossy, etc.) and the basic plot is the same but the rest is a bit different. There seems to be a few new characters. For instance, I don’t remember seeing Kyupi in the OAV (though I could’ve just forgot.) The pacing is also drastically slower. The OAV was very fast paced. This change is probably just because they had a lot less time in the OAV. Overall, I think I’m really going to enjoy this. It’s cute (lolis and shouta’s everywhere) and it has a pretty interesting plot. I’m curious about just what the meaning of Souta being the Erude Key is. About the OP and ED, I don’t like the OP. The animation is alright, but the song is awful. The ED theme is the same as the ending from the OAV. I was never a huge fan of the song, but it’s not horrible or anything and the animation is certainly a lot better than the one they used in the OAV. One more thing: despite the fact that Souta/Akazukin seems pretty obvious, I’m rooting for Souta/Ringo. My reasoning: She reminds me of Sweet from Zoids Fuzors. Sweet clone FTW!

Souta the shouta, our dinky-looking protagonist I detect some tsundere behavior Kyupi is so cute! Akazukin attacks

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