Eep! I’ve fallen behind. The reason for this: Super Robot Wars Alpha. I recently got the game and have been hooked on it. Of course, when I’m playing that I can’t be watching anime. I guess between rounds I’ll be playing catch up today. I’ll probably do mostly quickies, only because I do have a life outside of anime… maybe.

-Ringo learns of Akazukin and Val living with Souta and is not happy about it
- Val decides that he and Akazukin should be more cautious about their secret, but they’re doing a poor job and Ringo becomes suspicious
- Akazukin goes out to buy pastries, but since she and Souta don’t have the money, Ringo has to pay
- Akazukin and Val explain their secret. Souta is happy that the fairy tale his mother told him is real.
-Ringo states that if Souta is this all important Elde key than he’s probably in danger being out like this.
-Val attracts crowds of people for being a cute dog. He gets annoyed enough that he starts to yell and winds up making the news for being a talking dog.
-Hansel finds Souta’s locations thanks to the news stories and sends two Nightmarian bats to attack
-The 2nd Musketeer, Shirayukihime (Snow White) saves everyone on the account that Ringo will buy her some dresses from Elde. Of course, this was Akazukin’s decision, not Ringo’s.
-Akazukin and Shirayukihime are both getting attached to Souta, much to Ringo’s dismay

Okay, that worked out rather differently from the OAV. I think I like the TV series better so far. Val was very, very cute in this episode. I adore cute wolves in general, though Val’s personality definitely adds to my liking for him. He’s so totally arrogant. Also, he’s very un-doglike. It was funny to see both him and Akazukin discover the things of the human world. I especially liked the scene when they saw the pastries on the news. Priceless expressions. I’m hoping this will remain as such a fun show to watch. Shirayukihime was pretty interesting too. She’s an ojou-sama type without a doubt. I don’t really care for that type of character, but I’ll have to see how she is as the story goes. Next week, we get to see some of Souta’s school life, where it looks like he has another girl trying to join his harem.

Food tends to always leave that impression on me You've been a bad dog! Snow White has become a mahou shoujo The harem begins

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