I read this post on Lupus blog the other day and wanted to do my own. Admittedly, I did not steal the idea. I actually had it in my mind to do for a while. I guess I was just beaten to it. ^_^; Anyway, I tried to come up with the top ten scenes in any series that made an impact on me in some way. They may not be the best scenes ever, but they’re moments that really stood out to me. Obviously, there will be spoilers so proceed with caution.

10. Air- Misuzu’s death
Misuzu had gone through a lot due to her unusual physical condition in the series and her abnormal relationships with both Yukito and her mother. Even for people who avpided spoilers and hadn’t played the game like myself, it was almost inevitable that Misuzu would not live until the end. Even so, her death was a pretty harsh thing. In the way it was presented, in the last minutes I thought that maybe there would be a happy ending. As she ran to her mother and stated that she reached her goal though, I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. It was an unusual impression for an ending, but a powerful one.

9. Peach Girl- Momo saves Kiley
“I love you very much. My Kiley”
Throughout Peach Girl, there was always tension. The biggest case for tension though was Momo’s constant struggle of choosing between Kiley and Toji. When she finally began to get close to Kiley, this was when his past came back to haunt him and circumstances once again bought Momo back with Toji. However, Kiley was left very broken and while trying to retrieve the cellphone case Momo gave to him, nearly drowns. Momo returns to save him, passing up the chance to have sex with Toji to be with the one she truly loves. Somehow, all the tension, which got bigger as the series progressed, came to a satisfying conclusion. (Note: I used a manga scan because I didn’t have the episode saved)

8. Samurai Champloo- Jin hugs Fuu
“Mugen is…”
Among the Samurai Champloo fandom, the prospect of actual pairings is up for debate. While many people like to slash Mugen/Jin, there’s ultimately no canon evidence behind this pairing. As a Jin/Fuu shipper, seeing this confusing scene made me very, very happy. This scene has gotten fame because it could be interpreted in several ways. Some say Fuu’s quote about Mugen means that she liked him and it was a result of being hugged by Jin. Others interpret it as the fact that she was just concerned abotu his well being, as major battles would be coming up. Either way, I’m one who’s left in the mysterious intrigue of this scene.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed- Athrun and Cagalli fight
“Fine then, shoot. Because I’d be the one pulling the trigger.”
The way this scene is presented is simply stunning. For the first time, “Akatsuki no Kuruma” is played. This insert song starts off calm but gets faster, building up tension along with the scene. Cagalli’s struggle in this scene gets more and more complex, as she’s given the oppurtunity to kill a person who had killed in the past and would likely continue to kill in the future. Even so, that would still be killing. Viewers are left wondering just what she’ll do. As a bonus, the results are cute for AsuCaga shippers like myself.

6. Black Cat- Saya’s death
“I wanted to drink Lamune”
In anime, it’s a general rule never to make promises because most of the time, one of the two people involved won’t come out alive. Train and Saya planned to waatch the fireworks together and Train was to buy Saya some lamune. Of course, Creed has to interfere with this. Wanting to save Train from the “witch” he kills Saya, who’s focussed more on saving the kids she was with than fighting back. When she and train finally do meet, they get to see the fireworks together. However, during that time, Saya dies in Train’s arms. Being that Saya was my favorite character, I was saddened enough by this scene. However, it was presented in a tragic way. Saya had saved Train by changing him into a better person but before any sort of romantic relationship could form between them, Saya is killed. The way the physical killing of Saya is shown is rather unique too, adding to the intensity of the scene.

5. Slayers- Hellmaster Phibrizzo’s speech to the Lord of Nightmares
“I wanna be destroyed!”
Hellmaster is insanely cute and just plain insane. However, he manages to be an interesting character. I think everybody loves a good villain, even if they just love rooting against them. Hellmaster is one of my all time favorite villains because he’s so interesting. Because he’s a mazoku, his “ultimate wish” is destruction and he comes up with a twisted plot, manipulating others throughout the series to force Lina to use the Giga Slave and destroy everything. However, when his plan dosn’t work out as planned, he goes through a complete spychotic breakdown, shouting an insane speech to the Lord of Nightmares herself. Despite rooting against him at first, in the end I wound up feeling bad for him because he went through such a breakdown. As a bonus, the scene is pretty darned funny.

4. Cowboy Bebop- Spike’s death
Actually, there were a few Cowboy Bebop scenes that I considered for this list, but I decided to just go for the famous one. I had this scene spoiled before I saw it. It’s difficult to not have the ending of Cowboy Bebop spoiled for you, because spoilers are everywhere (and now I’m contributing to the spoils. Oops!) Either way, this scene is just tensing. For one, you’ve got Faye to factor in. While it’s obvious that Spike was in love with Julia, Faye seemed to be attracted to him at least to an extent and when Spike left, she was crying over him. Howeverm he didn’t come back to her, as he was killed. The last moments of that final episode are really something when their physically being watched, even if they’ve been spoiled.

3. The Melody of Oblivion- Sayoko and Solo die
“I can’t remember it. You know… the song you used to sing for me.”
Melody of Oblivion is my favorite anime series, so that helps the greates of scenes from this sereis stand out. I had trouble picking just one scene from the series to put on this list. I went with this one because it left my mouth hanging wide open after I watched it the first time. The second and third times I had similar results. Basically, Bocca and Solo have their final battle and each shoot an arrow, but the girls who love them jump in the way of the arrows. Sayoko dies for Bocca. However, because she’s a ghost, the arrow goes right through the Melody and kills Solo. The scene with Solo and Sayoko falling under the sun is a shock to see. Another thing I like abotu this scene is the intrigue it brings among the fan community. Some say that Sayoko didn’t actually die. Sayoko is seen later alive. However, others say that she was reincarnated as Bocca’s melody. Considering some of the things that Solo had said earlier, this is a strong possibility. I love scenes that leave a little mystery.

2. Mobile Fighter G-Gundam- Domon and Rain perform a double shining finger
“I’m fighting with you no matter what”
This scene amazed me thoroughly the first time I watched it, because I never saw it coming. I got interested in G-Gundam depite my dislike of fighting shows, especially ones where my favorite character dosn’t well… fight. Rain was my favorite character and I liked the show anyway despite never expecting her to fight. Getting to see her use the shining finger, the strongest technique at the time, just blew me away. More importantly though, she used it with Domon. I think combo attacks look insanely cool and this scene became the icing on the cake for one of my favorite anime episodes ever. Also, I loved how both she and Domon showed concern for one another, refusing to let the other one get killed. While they weren’t as much in love at this point of the series, it was a great point of building one of my favorite relationships ever. Oh, and the BGM it plays during this scene is just awesome!

1. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien- Haruka’s accident
Honestly, I can’t think of a quote
This scene is similar to Spike’s death in that you know it’s going to happen before you watch the series. For those who didn’t, it probably made an even bigger impact. Either way, a scene like this is one that will just shock you. It’s presentation is incredible. Haruka was waiting for Takayuki, who wouldn’t come. This was because he was with Mitsuki. You don’t physically see her getting hit by the truck, but you do see a complete mess when Takayuki eventually does arrive. There’s so much blood and so much property damage. The thing thta left the biggest impression on me though was seeing Haruka’s bow covered in blood. While Haruka does survive this accident, it certainly leaves its consequnces and these are seen as the series progresses, dfrastically damaging the lives of both Takayuki and Mitsuki. Haruka is the one to suffer the most though. The song played during the final scene in the episode where this occurs sounds simply gripping, to the fact that whenever I listen to it, I’m reminded of this amazing scene.

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I’d have to agree on #1, #3 & #7.
Those were some awesomely memoreable moments.

As for the others, well I haven’t seen any of those anime so… ;o
Nice list nonetheless!

PS: I always thought Sayoko just ‘reincarnated’ as Bocca’s melody, because that’s the way it worked with Solo as well…

Comment by Droniac 07.12.06 @ 12:48 pm

Had a feeling that KGNE scene would be in it, I think it has made a huge impact on anyone that’s ever seen that scene.
I’ve only seen 1,4,6 and 9 of this list and I gotta agree on the most part, though I didn’t think that highly of Peach Girl(was that guy’s name Kiley? For some reason that seems off to me).

1 more personal memorable moment: Kubo’s fantastic rush in the 18th episode of Aoki Densetsu Shoot!

Comment by Ravage 07.12.06 @ 1:15 pm

@Ravage- About the Kiley thing, in the manga release his name was Kiley Okayasu. In the anime, the group subbing it, as well as ANN, had it as Kairi. One of them was probably wrong, but I guess the spelling is a matter of preference.

Comment by TL-chan 07.12.06 @ 1:39 pm

Mitsuki cheating with Shinji and the aftermath of her actions in KGNE, had a bigger emotional punch to me than Haruka’s accident.
But the anime scene that messed me up the most was your number 10, Misuzu’s death in Air. I was an emotional wreck for three days after I watched that episode. It was pure cruelty to the viewer to see have to see that, but very powerful.

Comment by philip72 07.12.06 @ 1:47 pm

Well, the quote from the Kiminozo scene would be “Haruka! Doko da? (Where are you?) Haruka!!!”, and the song setting in is the game’s cover song, “Rumbling Hearts”. Played only once, even though it’s definitely the best song in the score, but for what an effect.

The only anime scene which I’ve definitely seen over 100 times. I also remember very vividly how I recommended the show to a friend as a “very lighthearted romance comedy”, after watching ep1 and most of ep2 (until they were almost caught by Akane, then I had to rush to the office). His reaction was memorable “aaah, you haven’t watched ep2 yet, right?”. Now I know why.

The scene is a great classic because I can’t remember EVER having the atmosphere of a show make such an unexpected and extreme turnaround. And then, of course, just as you said, the stellar execution of it, with the brilliant “Rumbling Hearts”.

Comment by Mentar 07.12.06 @ 1:57 pm

I agree with #10, #9, #8, #6, #3, and #1 as memorable moments. My most memorable of those is probably Misuzu, AIR is my favorite of the series you listed. Kanna’s final scene was also very memorable to me, as well as many other Misuzu scenes. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’s scene… I’ve never been so shocked and depressed after only two episodes of a series. Haruka was also deffinately my favorite… Saya’s death scene also gave a similar feeling, though sadly she didn’t get to live like Haruka.

Series that hold many memorable scenes from me would be Eureka 7, Honey and Clover, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Mai HiME, NANA (manga), Fushigi Yuugi (my first most memorable scene, ep.33), Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (will probably have many, will be much better once I read the sound novels), Rozen Maiden, Uta~Kata, Shuffle!, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Zettai Shounen, Fruits Basket (manga), Karin, and many other series. You make me want to start a blog to make a top some# anime/manga scenes post.

Comment by Tess 07.12.06 @ 4:02 pm

It’s interesting how a lot of these “memorable moments” consist of deaths, or near-deaths.

I disagree with you on number 1. Sure, the turn-around was shocking, but I feel that the series did not carry out enough characterization before this change occurred. So, as the accident happened, I didn’t feel particularly attached to Haruka, and still didn’t towards the end of the series.

In comparison, the death of Misuzu (AIR) was well done. After ten episodes of characterization, Misuzu has pretty much consolidated her image, which makes her death that much more difficult to accept. Also, it is exactly as you had said - as Misuzu reached her mother’s arms, we are left with a mixture of feelings, of both satisfaction and sadness. The layering of feelings is what makes the show so rewatchable.

Off the top of my head, some of the most memorable scenes happen in Noein, Honey and Clover, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Paradise Kiss, and Mai Hime.

Comment by Asuka 07.12.06 @ 7:16 pm

You guys have made some pretty good suggestions of other great moments. Ultimately, there were quite a few more that I wanted to include, including others from the shows listed. Maybe I should’ve done a top 20.

Comment by TL-chan 07.12.06 @ 7:39 pm

It would be good to have a top ten for best happy ending in future. :)

Comment by fisherman horizon 07.12.06 @ 9:19 pm

Reading this list is making my repressed trauma re-surface. :P

Comment by Skane 07.12.06 @ 9:44 pm

Definitely #4. I also agree with #6.

If I had to choose, I’d add:
- In ep30-something, where Juuni Kokki’s Youko reveals her identity to her subjects. It’s the moment where she proves to the world she IS the Empress, and she will lead her country.
- Nami stabbing her mark of Arlong. Prior to the scene, I already liked One Piece. But after that moment, I’ve become a slave to this series.
- the Thoma-revelation in Fantastic Children. Brilliant plot twist. And more astounding, it is logical and it actually makes perfect sense.
- the whole Furuba’s Hatori-Kana ep. I still weep for that episode.
- the revelation of the ‘perfect suicide’ in Monster.

Comment by Ten 07.13.06 @ 12:17 am

I didn’t know before hand about Haruka’s accident, it’s probably would be my choice for first place too. I still blame Mitsuki about that. I mean come on, they are 2D characters and if that’s not perfect example where anime crossed the line between reality and entertainment then I don’t know what is.

Comment by Anga 07.13.06 @ 2:06 am

@fisherman horizon- Interesting idea. I’ll have to think about that.

@Skane. LOL! I did put a lot of depressing scenes. Sorry about that.

Comment by TL-chan 07.13.06 @ 8:01 am


Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

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