Kawagoe Haruma is woken up by Santa Claus on Christmas. The thing is, Santa is a girl and she rides a motorcycle. She gives Haruma a present but makes him sign for it. In the package, he discovers a girl. Apparently, it’s the sister whom he had wished for. He goes up to the girl, who awakens and starts to glow. She asks if he’s her “onii-chan” and at first he isn’t sure what to say, upsetting the girl. He than assures her that she is. She’s glad to hear this and confirms that she’s Haruma’s “imouto.” Haruma suggests that they eat breakfast and his sister volunteers to make it, creating a disaster in the kitchen. They eventually do eat though. During breakfast, Haruma names his sister Choko, since she’s always looking in her anchoko (notebook) that came in the package with her. Next they go out shopping. It’s rather cold in the snow, so Haruma gives Choko his jacket and scarf. While out, they meet Ayano, the girl Haruma likes. She’s rather surprised to hear that Choko is Haruma’s sister. When they get to the store, Choko tries on a few outfits. Haruma winds up buying them all, though he spends more than he would have liked. The have lunch next and Haruma is reminded of when his mother was pregnant. Because of a dream he had, he was sure the new baby would be his little sister. However, he never got to see the baby because it didn’t survive. Also, his mother would be unable to give birth ever again. Haruma prayed for a little sister. In the present, afterwards, he goes to buy a Christmas present for Ayano. The girl working at the store starts chatting with him, leaving Choko by herself and rather bored. She sees a kid with a balloon and follows him, stopping at a display of teddy bears. When Haruma is done and realizes that Choko’s gone, he searches for her. Choko soon realizes she’s lost as well, but apparently, the lost children department finds her, because Haruma hears an announcement calling for Choko-chan’s brother. When he finds her she’s crying, but seeing her brother cheers Choko up. On the way home, Haruma gives Choko the pin he bought for Ayano as a Christmas present. To thank him, Choko gives him a kiss.

I was more impressed than I thought I would be with this first episode. I laughed quite a few times, to my surprise. Sure, this series screams out incest but it may or may not actually follow through with the incest themes. Personally though, I’d rather watch incest than yaoi or yuri. Anyway, the relationship between Haruma and Choko is more innocent than anything at the time being. It’s sugary sweet, which I enjoy watching. An angsty relationship is the best kind, but they can’t all be that way. Than there’s the fact that Haruma likes Ayano, which I suppose will have to develop some more as the series goes on, whether it develops positively or not. Choko is pretty mysterious, with her notebook and the fact that she glows. I wonder what the book’s purpose is. While I like the generic cute imouto character, if they’re more than generic it certainly serves to make the series more interesting. The music in this series is alright. I enjoyed both the OP and ED songs, but the animations are nothing special. I’ll definitely be watching the next episode.

She looks a bit old for Haruma There's something a bit creepy about being obsessed with someone who isn't even born yet Choko is cute, but her eyes are weird A kiss already?

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I’m afraid that the manga will disappoint anyone expecting Da Capo, and if they follow that storyline… and it’s more Chobits than anything else, except with a real girl instead of a super-Persocom being raised by the college student.

Incidentally, Choko’s anchoko is sorta like a cram guide for life, and she follows it almost religiously for what she should do in a given situation, if Haruma hasn’t already told her about what people expect or what something’s about. She also gets to embarrass him in front of Ayano and his landlady, and a few other people for that matter.

Comment by Haesslich 07.12.06 @ 7:04 pm

Well, I am not sure if it is really incest. I mean, he never had a “sister” and suddenly “she” appears from nowhere, brought by “Santa”…I could consider something like a relationship with an underage girl, unless the plot evolves and reveals the true origin of Choko.

Comment by Makiesan 07.12.06 @ 7:32 pm

If the relationship’s a brother/sister one, I’d still call it incest - and given that he DID wish for a little sister, I suspect she’s got enough genes in common with him (Santa DID take 8 years to put her together/grow her/whatever) to make it that way.

Besides - the relationship works better as it is; she’s a source of unconditional affection, which is a great contrast to the more complex relationships of adult life, especially with the love triangle that he’s mixed up in otherwise. I suspect it’s a source of great comfort for Haruma, no matter how she ended up there. He has someone there to take care of, and who cares about him without demanding more than some attention and time. It doesn’t care if he’s a good guy or not, nor does he have to impress her or deal with any of the other complications which can arise from human relationships: she’s his sister, and she loves him no matter what, without needing anything really ‘big’ from him… and he isn’t a siscon.

Unlike Stripey. ;)

Comment by Haesslich 07.12.06 @ 7:56 pm

Come on, you think the blonde woman is too old for him but Choko is the one too young!
I don’t want to think of this ending like Canvas or Koi Kaze.
For now, the affection he has for her is sweet and innocent.

Comment by eurys 07.12.06 @ 9:20 pm

eurys: Who said Ayano was too old for Haruma? There are just other complications in that particular relationship, which I hope they explore in the anime… especially with the landlady involved. :D

However, Makoto’s an utterly unredeemable character… which I suppose is why I love her appearances in the manga. Horribly, horribly wrong, tends towards drunkenness and enjoys sexually harassing other women. Great character to have around - she’s like a grown up version of Miu from Ichigo Mashimaro.

Comment by Haesslich 07.12.06 @ 9:45 pm

Haesslich: Well the caption for the first picture of Ayano says “she looks a bit old for Haruma” so…

Comment by eurys 07.13.06 @ 4:22 am

Ah - I didn’t see the alternate text in the mouseover. Still, let’s hope the love triangle stays alive.. and for those who asked, no, Choko’s not in it.

Comment by Haesslich 07.13.06 @ 12:38 pm

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