While Nana, Hachi and Shin wait outside the restaurant in the cold, Shin gets a call from a girl named Mayumi. Shin tells the others that he has to leave right away for business. Nana lets him go, but he can’t do anything to ruin Blast’s name. Hachi and Nana talk secretly for a minute and then Hachi tries to convince him not to go. He does leave though and Nana plans to leave as well. Hachi stops her however. She plans to make Shouji think that she left so that he’ll be surprised that she stayed to wait for him. Nana’s role would just be to keep her company. Although she doesn’t like calculating girls, Nana agrees with this because Hachi loves Shouji. Inside the restaurant, Sachiko tells Shouji that she doesn’t want to see him and runs out, but Shouji follows her and hugs her in front of Nana and Hachi. This scene, as well as hearing Shouji call the girl “Sachiko” shocks Hachi. Nana questions this and Shouji states that Sachiko is his girlfriend. Hachi realizes why Sachiko apologized to her in the restaurant. Nana tries to hit Shouji, but Sachiko tells her to stop, asking to hit her instead. Instead, Nana tells Hachi to fight for Shouji, but Hachi says that she doesn’t want to see Shouji’s face anymore. Hachi is depressed that night though and dreams that Shouji is in bed with her when she wakes up. She also has another dream where she opens the door and sees Ren there. She realizes that this probably occurred because she was listening to Trapnest, but she wonders why it was Ren she saw. In reality, the doorbell rings and it’s Junko at the door. Junko tells Hachi that Shouji is worried about her. Hachi is mad that he can’t even come himself to tell her. Junko thinks that this is also painful for Shouji. Hachi is upset that Junko is siding with him, but Junko reminds her that Shouji is also a friend of hers. Junko also advises that a relationship won’t work if you don’t think about the other person. Hachi thinks about this and begins to regret some of the things that she’s done. When Nana gets back, she gives Hachi another letter from her mother. This time, two tickets to a Trapnest concert that she ordered were inside. Hachi thinks that these tickets were from God.

The Hachi/Shouji breakup has finally occurred and the scene did not disappoint me. It was presented in a unique way and looked great. The slow motion bits were very cool. Even though I wanted to see Hachi and Shouji breakup, I’m still a bit sad. They were destined for a failed relationship from the start, but Hachi did love Shouji a lot. Hopefully throughout the course of the series she’ll find a better person, since the 2nd quarter of Nana has only just begun. I don’t want this to be the last we see of Shouji and Sachiko in the series either. While less significant, I’ll expect them to still be around. With the reappearance of Ren… sort of, Nana’s storyline looks like it will be the focus next. I’d like to see Ren for real and see just how Nana reacts if/when he enters her life again.

I almost wish she did punch Shouji Clouds of angst look awesome Just a taunt. Ren's not back yet.

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They did do great with the break up scene in the anime. I got really depressed when I first read it in the manga. I thought I’d be able to handle the scene better in the anime since I already knew what happened, but tears couldn’t help but build up. Shouji no baka! Hikuniku ni shiteyaru!

Can’t wait for the anime to get to the even better parts.

Comment by Tess 07.15.06 @ 12:45 pm

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