Female Santa Claus returns to take Choko back. This turns out to be a dream, but Haruma is worried when he can’t find Choko. It turns out that she slept in his futon and not wearing much either. Anyway, it’s New Years and according to Choko’s notebook, things have to go a certain way. As a spur of the moment New Years present, Haruma gives Choco 500 yen. He can’t do the rest of the things in Choko’s notebook, not having the necessary food. After breakfast, they go to a shrine and make wishes. Later, a neighbor from the same apartment, Makoto, comes to visit Haruma. Her apartment was too dirty apparently, so she wanted to celebrate it in a clean one. She brings over some sake. Haruma is happy to have it, but won’t let Makoto give any to Choko. The landlady soon shows up as well to drink with them. She also brings them the news of her retirement. The next day, Haruma has a hangover, so he can’t really do anything with Choko. She goes out on her own and meets two boys playing badminton. She joins them for a bit. Afterwards, she sees a boy and his mother who bought pocky and goes to spend her New Years money on some for herself. She sees a different box though and winds up buying that one instead. She learns the hard way when she tries to offer some to the boys she played with earlier that she bought colored pencils instead. They yell at her for it. When she goes back home, she sees the landlady, who cheers her up about what happened. She suggests to Choko that she should use her new pencils to start a picture diary. Later, Choko does just that with New Years money from the landlady.

Xebec put it better. When I’m totally out-of-it, I simply can’t blog at my max functions. I apologize for taking such a break, especially right before I’m leaving for vacation and have no choice but to go on hiatus. Anyway, this was quite cute. Choko is just an adorable character who does cute things. It was funny how she thought the colored pencils were food… Poki that is. It’s interesting how in anime Pocky often goes through a name change. I’m really not familiar with Japanese copywrite laws, but I expect that has something to do with it. Xebec’s comparison of this series to Mahoraba seems to be pretty accurate. Makoto immediately made me things of Megumi. Makoto’s pretty crazy, coming into Haruma’s apartment in her underwear and offering Choko sake. She could turn out to be a pretty fun character. The landlady’s fairly boring. Hopefully her replacement will be more fun.

Choko's being a very good typical imouto... and very cute She certainly reminds me of someone Landlady #1

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This is a new twist on the original - not that I mind.. although I should warn you that Makoto’s pretty much what Miu would turn out like if Nobue introduces her to the joys of drinking, yuri, and lolicon.

Comment by Haesslich 07.25.06 @ 11:11 pm

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