Choko wakes up Haruma to serve him the breakfast she made. The problem is, she did so wearing only an apron. After they eat, Choko reminds Haruma that he’s going to be late for work, so he heads out, flirting with Ayano on the way. He and Choko both get on the train eventually and it’s very crowded. On the way out, a purple-haired girl, Chitose, drops her bags. Haruma goes to help her with that, but she’s got another problem. She lost her contact lens. Eventually Haruma finds it, pointing out that it’s on her chest and embarrassing her. She winds up losing it again due to this, though Haruma’s already gone so she’s on her own now. She does find it, but accidentally breaks it. That means she’s forced to wear her glasses. She doesn’t really like them because one time she overheard a guy she liked state that glasses girls aren’t his type. Since she can’t see otherwise, Chitose puts on her glasses anyway and gets on the train. When she finally reaches her stop, she has another problem. She can’t find the place she’s looking for. She searches the city while Choko does various cute things. With the help of a police officer, Chitose finds the place, which turns out to be the apartment complex. At about the same time, Choko gets home. She learns that Chitose was hired by the landlady to manage the house. Being full of problems, Chitose now lost the key. Choko helps her look for it, but they can’t find it. Chitose decides to go get them drinks and remembers that she stopped to get coffee earlier at the vending machine. This is where she lost the key. Unfortunately, she trips, dropping them again. A crow swoops down and steals it. Chitose and Choko chase the crow and eventually, Choko decides to throw her notebook at it. The episode cuts to a little bit later, when Haruma gets home. It turns out, to Chitose’s surprise, that he likes meganekkos.

I suspected that Chitose would be the new landlady. Ultimately, I didn’t pay attention to the preview for this episode, so I don’t know whether they said it or not. I was close to guessing anyway. She was at least hired by the landlady. :P Chitose totally wins as my favorite character for the time being. Maybe it’s due to sympathy, since nothing seems to go her way. I think it’s more due to the fact that I can relate to her, being very klutzy, ditzy, and clueless myself. I have a terrible sense of direction and lose things often enough. Chitose’s future looks bright though. She seems to like Haruma and maybe they could get into a relationship. Of course, Haruma likes Ayano. Plus, there’s Choko and Makoto, though I don’t know if either of them have any romantic feelings for him. At the moment, I’m rooting for Chitose though. Just a random thought, but I didn’t know that contact lenses could break. I’ve tried them before and they were soft. Maybe there’s more than one kind. Hmm… I shouldn’t put thought into these things. I’ll just stick with my glasses, even if being a meganekko can be a pain for cosplay.

Chitose is reluctant to become a meganekko Self abuse Choko's got amazing aim

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Yes, that’s Chitose - cute, sweet, with a crush on Haruma and an almost motherly attitude towards Choko. And a huge rack, which means she’s going to get… ah.. assaulted on a regular basis.. by one of the residents.

You guess which one. ;) Still, she’ll have some time with Haruma later on - at least she does in the manga.

Comment by Haesslich 07.25.06 @ 10:14 pm

Back when I wore contacts I did break one once–in my case since I have a mild astigmatism, I had to have hard contacts instead of the soft kind (although this was in the late 80s, maybe by now they have better soft ones). Choko is definitely cute, but I’m rooting for Haruma x Chitose too ^_^

Comment by suguru 07.25.06 @ 11:06 pm

Choko doesn’t want Onii-chan in the Maika-from-Magikano or Nemu-from-Da Capo way, so you’re fine there. :D

Besides, she’ll be bewitching other boys soon enough…

Comment by Haesslich 07.25.06 @ 11:13 pm

Nitpicking: Chitose is not the landlady. She’s the kanrinin-san, someone who was hired by the landlord/lady to manage the apartment house. ^^

Comment by Blah 07.26.06 @ 7:34 am

@Blah- Okay then. I will do some editing and less gloating.

Comment by TL-chan 07.26.06 @ 7:36 am

I wear hard contacts, I have had a lens snap on me once, I put too much pressure on it when I was picking it off the ground. Soft contacts can tear to but it rarely happens.

Comment by ashiguru 07.26.06 @ 10:26 pm

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