These came from Hobby Link Japan a couple weeks ago, so I figure I should stop being lazy and take a picture. Obviously, I didn’t get the complete set, but I did get the ones I wanted most. Featured in this picture from left to right is Ringo, Akito, Simca and Ikki. I don’t mind too much that I didn’t get Agito, since the figure is essentially a variant of the Akito but with his eyepatch on the other side. I wanted Croissant Kamen but… oh well.


Anyway, as you can see I have 6 extra capsules on my living room table, which I’ve painted on with photoshop. I’m willing to sell them if anyone is interested. I have one extra of each of the figures above and 3 Simcas. To be fair, since these were pretty cheap, I think I’ll sell them for $2.50 USD. As for shipping, it will depend on where you live. I’m in New York, so obviously I can’t cheaply ship to, for instance, other countries. If you’re interested, email me at

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they look surprisingly good. really dig the simca one. heh, i’d be sorta interested by shipping would be a little off putting.

Comment by R8 07.26.06 @ 10:12 am

Umm since when are Ikki’s and Agito’s hair colour blue?

Comment by w1ckhunt3r 07.26.06 @ 12:39 pm

@w1ckhunt3r- They’re blueish in the anime

Comment by TL-chan 07.26.06 @ 12:43 pm

Sorry to hear that you didn’t get Croissant Kamen and Agito. I got Agito,Croissant Kamen,Ikki and Simuca.I think Ikki’s figure is very creative and a great pose.I’m letting Agito to wear Croissant Kamen’s hat and he looks rocks.yay! to the next release.

Comment by LL 07.28.06 @ 11:55 pm

I like Air Gear.I would like to purchase-Simca,Ikki,Agito and Ringo.Contact me at if got any questions.

Comment by Ryan Ku 09.26.07 @ 3:05 am

totally want the akito one. email me:

Comment by Jesyka 03.13.08 @ 1:48 pm

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