After sensing another Nightmarien, Shirayuki-hime and Val head to Souta’s school. Shirayuki-hime plays the role of a substitute teacher and while on the job, assigns the students essays to pick out dresses, accessories, bags and a prince for her. That’s not going to be on the finals, but the students have no choice but to work on it. Erika isn’t doing her essay though. Instead, she’s watching some sort of watch. She asks to go to the nurse, but Shirayuki-hime refuses, since she doesn’t look sick. Ringo and Souta defend Erika and volunteer to walk with her to the nurse. Besides, if something goes wrong they’ll have Akazukin to protect them. At least, that’s what they think. Akazukin and Val have found the lunch room and are eating all the school lunches. Shirayuki-hime catches up to Erika and reveals to Souta and Ringo that Erika is an enemy. She had placed mirrors throughout the school to use dimensional magic. Erika activates her magic now and fights Shirayuki-hime. With her magic, Erika, who turns out to really be Hansel’s sister Gretel, creates a dimensional barrier. Shirayuki-hime protects Souta and Ringo from the spell but winds up getting trapped outside of the barrier, which is around the school. Everyone inside the school is knocked unconscious. Gretel believes that this includes Akazukin and Val, but they were actually just sleeping after eating so much. They come to protect the kids from Gretel and find a way out. Akazukin can’t escape, but Souta believes that Gretel isn’t really a bad person and will let them go. Gretel, however, says that everything she told Souta was a lie and that he’s too trusting. Ringo doesn’t think that’s a bad thing though. She’s upset that she didn’t trust Shirayuki-hime earlier. Akazukin figures out a way to get out. Shirayuki-hime had hid a mirror just before the barrier closed so that it could be opened. She just had to make sure that Gretel wouldn’t find it. Gretel breifly fights the musketeers, but Hansel tells her to retreat. When everyone goes home to Souta’s newly protected house, Ringo tries to apologize to Shirayuki-hime, but Akazukin interrupts, wanting more food. Shirayuki-hime wants to eat too, so they go to have dinner.

Yeah, its torture to be behind. Since I’m behind in every single series I’m watching though, I should really stop bringing it up constantly. Anyway, this was an enjoyable episode. It was as cute and fun as usual. Gretel is yet another cute character in this series, but the catch is, she’s evil. She didn’t even turn good when Souta was trying to convince her that she wasn’t really a bad person, which is a cliché in this type of show. I kind of like it that way. I wouldn’t want things to be too simple. If anything, the fact that everything works out so well is my gripe with this series. Souta is in no real danger, considering how flawlessly powerful Akazukin and Shirayuki-hime are. Now that he’ll be getting a third musketeer bodyguard in the next episode, the bad guys will really have to shape up. Granted, nobody was actually able to beat Gretel this week, but she couldn’t beat them either. We haven’t seen what Hansel can do yet, (or at least I haven’t, but I’m behind) but hopefully he’ll be quite tough.

Maybe she should consider a change in profession Erika's true identity About as close to real angst as this show will ever get Hopefully Hansel is as menacing as he looks

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