At school, Souta displays his abilities to speak with flowers to several classmates, as well as displaying his obliviousness to Ringo’s feelings for him. While Akazukin and Shirayuki-hime are supposed to be looking for him, they get distracted by food and are taken to a stage because they’re apparently late for something. It turns out that they were mistaken for cosplayers entering a contest. They win the award, despite not knowing what cosplay is. Meanwhile, Souta and Ringo find a sleeping girl who starts to attack them with her thorns. The girl, Ibara-hime, defends Souta and Ringo when Gretel shows up. Another girl arrives, offering her help, but she turns out to be a nightmarien in disguise. Luckily, Shirayuki-hime heard Souta’s call for help. She, Akazukin and Val arrive on the scene. They reveal that Ibara is the third Musketeer. She’s not going to be much help at the time though, because she’s still half asleep. Gretel is able to capture Souta, but a thorny plant that he had saves him. Gretel gets angry at the plant and destroys it, creating enough of a ruckus to wake up Ibara. The three musketeers team up against Gretel, who uses gravity magic to escape. Gretel returns to Hansel, who seems okay with Gretel’s failure. She was at least able to lower their guard so that Hansel’s spy would be able to find the place covered by the barrier. He is upset that Gretel got hurt though because he doesn’t like the weak. Rather than being offended by this, Gretel seems contented that her onii-sama touched her cheek. Meanwhile, Souta feels bad that the thorny flower had to sacrifice itself. That’s okay though because Ibara uses her earth magic to heal it.

Very enjoyable. I wonder who Ibara is supposed to be. My only guess at the moment is sleeping beauty, seeing how Ibara tends to constantly sleep. Ibara looks like she’ll be an okay character, but she’s not as interesting as the other two musketeers at the moment. Also, she’s not nearly as cute. Ringo’s still my favorite, so I felt bad for her in this episode. She was throwing out very obvious hints of her affection to Souta, but he was only paying attention to the flowers. It doesn’t seem likely that they’ll end up together, so it’s sad to watch Ringo acting this way. In the next episode, it looks like something makes her particularly upset. Poor Ringo gets all the angst in this show. Despite the fact that Souta is the bad guy’s actual target, he manages to stay quite cheerful. That probably has something to do with his obliviousness. Still, he’s really not that oblivious. He seems to be pretty in-tuned with nature at least and he was able to tell that the girl offering her help wasn’t what she seemed. Anyway, the good thing about being behind is that I have the next episode downloading at the moment and will be able to watch it soon.

Despite what Ringo wants, this is not a date Ibara's not happy to be woken up
All three musketeers No comment

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You’re missing the Goemon cameo about half way. Huzza for Konami when they’re not milking YuGiOh or MGS to hell.

Comment by Disco Bandit 08.06.06 @ 3:01 pm

^ Wow, I didn’t notice that. I’ll have to look for it.

Comment by TL-chan 08.06.06 @ 3:18 pm

Since for some reason I can’t be bothered to write TV-Nihon, I’d like to point out that the Akazukin fairy tale land is based on Germany’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales, so those names and characters and even some of the battle cries are from there.

-Akazukin = Little Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen)
-Shirayuki Hime = Snow White (Schneewittchen)
-Ibara = Rose Red (from Snow White and Rose Red: Schneeweiß und Rosenrot
-Elde!!!= Erde (Earth, Terra in German)
-Grimm’s Taler = Grimm’s Tale
-Hansel = Hänsel (from Hänsel und Gretel)

I’m not sure if the cat is supposed to be Puss-in-Boots, but maybe…

I sure hope you have UTF coding, or all those Umlauts will look extremely bad ^^.

I feel better, having got that off my chest, although I’ll still shout “Erde” at the screen.

Comment by Estara 08.06.06 @ 6:14 pm

*thinks again* then again with the half-asleep Ibara, maybe they really did mean Sleeping Beauty…

On the other stuff I am adamant ^^!

Comment by Estara 08.06.06 @ 6:16 pm

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