Shirayuki-hime tries to contact Fandevale but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Souta and Ringo are let out of school for summer break and Ringo is excited about going to camp. She expects that Souta will be coming too. At his home, Souta learns about what happened and decides that he’ll go with the musketeers to Fandevale to make sure Fernando is okay, rather than attend camp. Ringo isn’t happy about this since he won’t get to go to camp with him and also because she’s worried about him being in a magical world but Souta has no intention of changing his mind. Ringo starts to ignore him, even through graduation. Meanwhile, Hansel continues with his plans after watching Souta for a while via the spy. He gives Randagio orders but since Gretel keeps failing him, she doesn’t have a role in this plan. That night, Souta works on his homework, hoping to get it done before he leaves. Akazukin asks him if this is really okay with Ringo, but Souta still believes that it’s fine. The next day, it’s time for the summer festival and Ringo is selling stew that she made. It doesn’t taste very good and her friends explain to her that it’s probably because she didn’t make it for Souta. She works hard to make some stew with Souta in mind and goes over to bring it to him. When she gets to his house though, Souta has already left. Ringo discovers a video though that Souta left for her. On it, he apologizes while in the background, Akazukin, Shirayuki-hime and Val are attacked by Ibara’s vines. Ringo is touched and starts to cry. She calls Souta, asking where he is and tells him to wait for her. Ringo then rushes after him with the stew. Souta is attacked by Randagio and the Nightmariens, but the musketeers fight him off. Meanwhile, Ringo runs into Gretel, who wanted to do something anyway. Gretel takes Ringo hostage. She drops her stew and her phone as it’s ringing.

More quality! Best of all, now I can finally say that I’m not behind on every single show I’m watching. Since everyone’s been introduced, it looks like we’re getting into the meat of the story. I’m assuming a large portion of it will take place in Fandevale, since that’s where that little pink thing is. He’s on the eyecatch, so he’s got to be a more significant character. I don’t believe he’s shown up since episode one, which is kind of interesting. They’ve even made a plushie of him and since there’s no Val plushie, he’s probably supposed to be a more significant character. This is entirely speculation, but usually merchandise is made of popular characters and you can’t become popular if you’re only in one episode… I think. Anyway, I didn’t plan for this whole review to be about that pink mascot whose name I can’t even remember. Ringo, my favorite character, was the main focus of this episode. Again, poor Ringo gets the short end of the stick. While she had anticipated a great summer break, she’s instead left to worry as the boy she likes is going to a magical world where people are after him. Sure, he’ll be with people to protect him, but these people are also potential love rivals. I’m aware that this point wasn’t bought up in the episode, but I also think that the thought probably went through Ringo’s mind. Anyway, now she has a bigger worry. She’s been kidnapped by a maniac bro-con. Good luck saving her, everyone and do it fast. The tension drives me crazy when my favorite characters are in danger.

She can't contact Fernando Waking up Ibara is a dangerous thing A video message is an unusual way to apologize If this didn't look so cool, I'd be sad

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