As usual, I’ve dug myself into a hole of backlog. I’ve realized that in some shows, I’m as far as three weeks behind. I’ve decided to stop covering Air Gear and Nana, even though they’re both enjoyable series. If someone really wants me to do them, which I doubt, than maybe I’ll reconsider. They’re both being subbed pretty quickly though. As much as I’d love to keep covering Spider Riders, S^M seems to have stopped releasing it. Until they decide to start again *hint, hint* I won’t have any material to write about. I’m still waiting for quite a lot of backlog to download, so it may take a while for me to fully catch up.

Otogi-Jushi Akazukin 07

Souta and the others save Ringo and she goes along with them to Fandevale. Souta’s powerful abilities are also shown.

That was interesting. I doubt what was seen in this episode was the extent of Souta’s abilities, so I can see why people are after him. He’s quite powerful. Souta’s father is also pretty interesting. He definitely knows things about Fandevale, but what?
She grows on me more and more each episode They're too cute!

Otogi-Jushi Akazukin 08

In Fandevale, The Musketeers face Randagio and his animal partners, who have Hamel imprisoned. Hamel informs Souta of how Fernando is depending on him.

It looks like all sorts of random fairy tale characters will be showing up in Fandevale. Hamel (the pied piper, I believe) made an appearance this time. He looks like he’d be an interesting character, but I doubt we’ll see much of him, since he said that he wouldn’t be joining Souta and his group. It should be interesting to see what people appear each week.
Ringo's hair=win Randagio I like, but the bird is annoying

Chokotto Sister 04

Chitose decides to get Haruma chocolate for valentines day, but many obstacles eventually cause her mission to fail. Haruma receives chocolate from the old lady Ayano and after having a nightmare about Choco’s present, keeps her trapped in a box.

It seems that the comedy of this show comes from bad things happening at the worst opportune time. There was lots of madness in this episode that my brief summary couldn’t cover. I found the first half of the episode particularly amusing, with Chitose’s fantasy of what would happen after she gave Haruma chocolate. Um… that’s just not likely. He still likes Ayano. After that dream he had though, I question his feelings for Choco. In all, very funny stuff. I really hope the next two episodes finish downloading soon.
Chitose's fantasy, complete with sparkles I wonder what twisted idea Makoto gave her

Demnashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 06

The first half focused on Fuzzy Lumpkins, who attempted to make everything his territory, gaining fans of his musical talent in the process. He’s also developed a crush on Miss Bellum. The second part featured Princess, who wants attention and plans to defeat a robot that she created to get it.

At first I found Princess’s character design weird, but it grew on me and now I find it kind of cute, especially in her normal form. I wonder if she’ll be able to get her monster form back. After all, on the ED she’s in monster form. Since her cat wasn’t returned to normal, I think that she may be the key. Fuzzy Lumpkins is definitely cute, though not as much as in his original design. Although the lyrics were kind of funny, I found his song rather annoying. How did he get so many fans?
Fuzzy Lumpkins takes a break from his destruction to sign an autograph This show has awesome facial expressions

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Well i would like you to continue blogging air gear ,yes i’m new lol hi to everyone

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@bakaro- Your wish has been granted.

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