Choco is cleaning the bathtub, but gets rather wet and messy while doing it. Afterwards, she takes a nap nude, though censored by randomly appearing yellow tape. Later, in dry clothes, she sees Chitose bringing in some laundry and goes through it while Chitose picks up a package at the door. Choco discovers something unusual, which Chitose tells her is a bra. Choco becomes very interested in it and wants to see the bra that Chitose is wearing. Embarrassed, Chitose shows her as Choco just stares at it. Later, Choco tells Haruma that she wants her own bra. He gives in to her request until Choco decides that tomorrow they’ll go out shopping together. He doesn’t really want to go bra shopping, but realizes that he has no other choice. The next day, the two go out. Getting a bra wasn’t their only errand and so Choco starts to tell other people in town that they’re going bra shopping, adding to Haruma’s embarrassment. While Haruma helps Choco pick out a decent bra, Ayano happens to walk in, which obviously builds Haruma’s embarrassment to a peak. That night, Chitose hears a strange sound. Though only in her bathrobe, she goes to investigate. She discovers Makoto, obviously drunk and asleep on the floor. Chitose attempts to get Makoto to move, but instead, Makoto jumps on Chitose and starts to fondle her breasts, which were falling out of her bathrobe. Obviosuly, yellow tape is used. Haruma, wanting some peace and quiet, goes to stop the racket they’re making and saves Chitose in the process. The next day, after taking a tape-filled shower, Makoto is able to get Chitose and Choco to have lunch and drink with her. At least she gives Choco juice. During this meal, Makoto decides to exhibit that she’s not wearing a bra. You guessed it: Insert tape here. Choco excitedly says that she isn’t wearing one either. She’ll only wear hers on special occasions. It’s game underwear. (Had to look that up. Apparently, it’s special, flashy underwear that’s worn if one has the intention of having sex. A misinterpretation from her book?) Chitose and Makoto are a bit shocked to hear this and ask her about who she’s been playing games with. She does show them that she plays cards with her brother. As usual, the episode ends with Choco writing about the madness of her day in her picture diary.

>_< Too funny! This has to get a full entry. While watching this, I was reminded of the panty shopping episode of Chobits. This show is clearly aimed at perverts. I wonder if that makes me one of them, since I find it amusing. This was a particularly ecchi episode, with many appearances of the yellow tape. Now, I have no desire to see the characters naked, but the tape is rather annoying. The elephants in Inukami are funny, but this is more in the line of the crows in Air Gear, blocking parts of the screen for points of the episode. They should just air the series as it was meant to be, or edit out the ecchi scenes completely. I suspect the DVD version will be tape free. On a different note, this episode proves a theory that I had about Makoto being the root of all evil. She can be very amusing, but she’s only too good at creating disasters. Haruma needs to keep a closer eye on Choco or she’ll become another Makoto. Chitose is still the best. Whether it was intentionally or not, she seems to be a lot more moé than Choco.

Haruma should forget about Ayano already Truly evil The reaction to Makoto's lack of a bra

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