Haruma is given another job from Tamami. He calls Choco while she’s dusting the house to tell her that he won’t be home for dinner. Choco is disappointed and goes out. She finds the two boys who were playing badminton. Their birdie is stuck up in a tree. Choco climbs up and gets it down for them. After the boys leave, she’s faced with the task of getting down, but a branch breaks, leaving Choco hanging. A boy walks by and notices her bag on the floor. Choco falls and lands on top of him, which breaks her fall. After apologizing and making sure the boy is okay, the two introduce themselves. His name is Kakeru. Choco tells Kakeru to wait a minute and runs off. She returns with an ice cream cone, which he gives him to thank him for saving her. Kakeru decides that he’ll split it with her. Kakeru quickly develops a crush on Choco and after realizing that he’s licked a cone that she’s already licked, he sees it as an indirect kiss. Meanwhile, Haruma finishes off his job and Tamami rewards him with two tickets to a movie. When he gets back home, he’s shocked to see Choco naked. Choco is anxious to tell him about her new friend, but first she’d better put clothes on. The next day, Haruma gets his fortune read by a guy named Master. (Master of what?) While he contemplates his fortune, Ayano shows up. She sees a poster for the move Buffalo 99. She’s interested in seeing it, but apparently it’s not easy to get tickets for the promo showing. Haruma realizes that this was the movie Tamami gave him tickets for. He invites Ayano to go with him. Afterwards, he goes home to get ready. Choco tells him that there’s no water. The two have to go to a public bath. It turns out that Kakeru works there. Kakeru forces himself not to look while Choco takes her clothes off in front of him. She then runs to the bath and slips. A lady who was bathing there teaches her how to bathe properly. When they’re finished, Choco has a drink before getting dressed. She stands in Kakeru’s view again. Haruma soon calls her. Before they part ways, the woman she bathed with introduces herself as Midori.

There must be something wrong with my current level of love for this show. I didn’t expect it to be so enjoyable. I definitely like Kakeru. He’s cute and his crush on Choco is funny. I also rather like his voice. I haven’t heard much from his seiyuu, but I hope that changes in the future. The one part about this episode that was torture to watch was the bathhouse scene. To get a good idea of what happened in it, think back to the TV version of the first season of Girls Bravo. At some points the screen was completely covered by fog. I have found confirmation that the DVD version will be tape-free, so I’m hoping it will be fog-free too. That was just annoying to have the screen whited-out at points. Next episode will feature Haruma and Ayano’s date. That should be interesting. Hopefully things will work out, but seeing the way this show works, I’m not so sure. You know, scratch that. Hopefully it turns out horrible so that Haruma and Chitose can get together faster. Oh and I apologize for making fun of Ayano in previous posts. I’ve got nothing against her. I’ve seen some spoilers about her and it looks like she won’t be boring for much longer. Oh and there was no journal entry this time. I just found that interesting, since I was used to it happening weekly.

Rather than climbing, she should have used her ridiculous throwing skills I think it's a rule that this series will have at least one of these expressions per episode Kakeru kawaii yo Maybe she shouldn't have stayed in the water for so long

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