Choco isn’t happy that Haruma isn’t taking her along for his date with Ayano. While Haruma is enjoying herself, she stays at home miserably. Meanwhile, Makoto gets caught up in a traffic jam while trying to get to work. (She works?) At the promo event that they’re attending, Haruma and Ayano watch the stars and producers of the move, including some who speaks engrish. (Awesome!) Choco eventually leaves the house and spends some time with Kakeru, but that doesn’t help cheer her up at all. After the promo event, Ayano decides that she and Haruma should go out for lunch. Chotose, who was out shopping at the time, spots Haruma. Thinking he’s out shopping with Choco, she goes up closer and is distressed to see that he’s with Ayano. She goes to the same restaurant to spy on them. At another table of the restaurant, two men are talking about a marriage. Ayano notices one of them when she and Haruma leave the restaurant and seemingly knows him. She immediately starts acting lovey toward Haruma. Chitose is still depressed, but after running into Makoto is able to distract herself briefly. When Haruma gets back home, Choco is visibly angry towards him. She cooks him a foul looking breakfast. Meanwhile, Ayano studies a ring that she wears hanging from her neck. Later, Haruma is forced into a new job by Tamami. He calls Choco, telling her that he won’t be home again. Choco isn’t happy to hear this. Seeing that Choco is sad, Chitose tries to comfort her and invites her to have lunch together. Soon after, Haruma gets home. He makes up with Choco and gives her some cake that he bought for her. He also bought something for Chitose, which cheers her up for the time being.

It’s time for seriousness again, which I don’t think we’ve seen since the first episode. As much as I like silliness, I much prefer melodrama like this. The first interesting point of this episode was Ayano, surprisingly enough. Certainly she was acting strange during her date with Haruma and than there’s that ring she was wearing. Obviously, if she’s wearing it hanging from her neck rather than on her finger, she’s not married. It clearly has some sentimental value to her though. I’ve read a bit of the manga, so to avoid spoilers, I won’t say anymore. Also, she wore her hair down, which made her look younger. I don’t know why I’m so adverse to her character design, but I am, so any improvement is a good thing. I doubt she’ll always keep it down though. The main focus of this episode was the plight of Choco and Chitose though. They were both hurt but for different reasons. Choco wasn’t happy about all the time Haruma was spending apart from her while Chitose had a bigger problem, which hasn’t yet been solved. This was of course seeing Haruma and Ayano dating. Whether Ayano genuinely wanted to date Haruma or not, Haruma was certainly enjoying himself. This would of course be upsetting to her. Still, this episode made me think more and more that Chitose would be a better choice than Ayano. For one, she seems to get along with Choco well. Also, if Ayano is caught up in some other relationship than that could lead to problems. Anyway, next week it looks like we’ll get some more information on Ayano’s past… maybe. More Kakeru too. He didn’t get nearly enough screentime this week.

Choco's love for Haruma can be a bit creepy He needs to show up more Ayano was actually funny in this scene Angst rules you

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About Makoto… If you’re curious about what her job is, look at the scene in the theater. She even notices Haruma.

(there were clues in previous episodes too)

Comment by veryinky 08.23.06 @ 9:01 pm

Ayano looks.. different here - less blonde, for example. Although I thought Makoto was a convenience store clerk, the way she got pulled into her job suddenly - but the theater makes more sense, given her hours…

Still, I loved watching Choko bond with Chitose in the anime, and it worked out alright in the manga. A pity the anime’s.. well, the art could be better.

Comment by Haesslich 08.24.06 @ 12:25 am

@both of you- Thanks for telling me about Makoto. I probably should’ve noticed.

@Haesslich- The art isn’t great but it’s a lot better than some of the other stuff I’ve been watching lately. For some reason, I don’t mind bad art or animation much as long as I’m enjoying the story and characters.

Comment by TL-chan 08.24.06 @ 7:20 am

It’s a pity nobody’s subbing it now, as far as I can tell. Ah well - I still have the manga, for now.

Comment by Haesslich 08.24.06 @ 11:21 pm

Part of me is waiting for the DVD version. Mostly because that police tape is very annoying.

My first clue about Makoto was the posters you see every once in a while (train station, pool). Suddenly it ‘clicked’ when I reread the series and saw the theater scene. The anime makes it much easier since it’s in colour.

She’s my favorite character of the series too, makes me think of Miu from Ichigo Marshimaro but all grown up after years of Nobue’s teasing… or at the very least she’s about 10 years older.

Comment by veryinky 08.25.06 @ 6:39 pm

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