Summer break is almost over so Mai and Saki plan a day out together. Saki is excited about how the two will eat tamagoyaki together. They meet up and get on the train. Since they’re the only passengers, Floppy, Choppi, Mupu and Fupu come out, but Mupu and Fupu are making a scene. It would be bad if the driver, who looks strangely like Mizushitare from behind, saw them. When the train stops at a station, Mupu and Fupu get sent flying out of the train, along with Floppy who was trying to hold them down. Saki goes to make sure they’re okay, but the train leaves without her or the fairies. Choppi is worried, but Mai is calm about the situation. She can get off at the next stop and meet up with Saki there. Saki takes the next bus up to the station, but when she gets there, Mai isn’t there. Despite Mai’s protests, the driver won’t stop. As it turns out, Mizushitare was driving the train. She takes Mai to a cave and attacks, with the help of a monster she created. Mizushitare blocks the entrance to the cave with a waterfall barrier. Saki pushes to get through, but it’s useless. She eventually makes it with the help of Flappy, Mupu and Fupu, along with her desire to eat with Mai later. Saki and Mai transform, fight the monster and leave. They happily eat tamagoyaki together.

Mupu and Fupu have learned nothing from last week. Quite a lot of trouble occurred this time and when it comes down to it, it was partially their fault. I’m really trying to like these two, but they have no redeeming qualities. They’re not even that cute. Mizushitare, however, is a great addition to the cast. She can be quite funny for a hideous looking villain. From her to stupid disguises to yelling “Kirai yo” when she loses to insisting on calling Gooyan, “Go-chan,” she’s not your typical anime villain. Of course, like every other bad guy in this show, she’s destined to die soon. She will be missed. Aside from Mupu and Fupu being idiots, this was a pretty good episode though because it did something different for a change. It was neat to see Mai and Saki be separated. Well anyway, this series is nowhere near over, so hopefully it can happen again sometime. Next week is an episode devoted to Flappy and Choppi. Mass cuteness is a given. As for plot, I’m not so sure.

Frustrated, are we? Oh Noes! I'm stuck on a train and poorly drawn! Barriers are cool

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In my opinion, pretty cure it’s a wich one Greatest of anime at the world… thanks… see you next time…

Comment by Adriansyah 12.20.07 @ 4:00 am

like it!

Comment by Alexa Elpedes 08.29.08 @ 3:16 am

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