In part 1, the girls chase after Mojo Jojo, who steals a soccer cleat from a little boy, Shinichi. They beat Mojo and return it to him. Shinichi’s very happy to have it back, since it was from his grandfather. As the girls are about to leave, Shinichi surprises them by asking them to help him practice his movement for soccer. Buttercup tells him that they’re busy now, but to wait at this location tomorrow. When the girls get back to the lab, the Professor and Ken are finishing their latest invention. With it, the girls will now be able to transform on their own. Eventually, it comes time to visit Shinichi. Buttercup introduces herself as Kaoru and helps him train. For one portion of it, they go to a shopping district, and Shinichi has to run around random people. It takes time for him to do it without bumping into people, but he eventually improves. However, Mojo attacks during one of Shinichi’s games with a robot, trapping all the kids in a cage. Buttercup takes this opportunity to test her solo transformation. Blossom and Bubbles head to the seen as well. Shinichi sees them coming. He escapes the cage through a rip in it and briefly distracts Mojo with his knew movement skills while he waits for the Powerpuff Girls Z to arrive. They defeat Mojo easily. As for Shinichi, he’s oblivious to the fact that Kaoru=Buttercup and wonders where Kaoru went. The next part features Fuzzy Lumpkins. He’s developed an obsession with Miss Bellum and so goes to claim her as his property. He eventually kidnaps her and takes her to his forest. The Powerpuff Girls Z see that he’s singing a ballad to her and at least Bubbles is impressed. They try and give Fuzzy advice on how to show his love for her, such as giving her flowers rather than rocks. Because she was asleep, Miss Bellum wasn’t aware that the girls were watching from behind a bush. However, she hears their stomachs growling and wants to know if someone is there. Fuzzy decides to go check for her. Needing to keep the girls quiet and because Bubbles and Buttercup had already collapsed from hunger, he brings them some fruit. To satisfy Miss Bellum’s hunger though, he chooses something ultimately more delicious… at least in his opinion. He brings her a leaf full of bugs. Miss Bellum obviously doesn’t like it, because she passes out. The girls try and explain to fuzzy that he was doing things wrong, but he’s not in the mood to listen and throws them into a snowy mountain, where they encounter Yuki-onna (whom I know about now thanks to pKjd.) They return in time to beat Fuzzy, who later has a run-in with Yuki-Onna.

*Sigh* I don’t think I should write so much about this show and yet I do. I consider myself pathetic. This show is ultimately more pathetic, but I still get a kick out of it. The first episode was pushing even my limits though, only because of some of the awful music used. The insert song towards the end was too annoying and I didn’t much like the BGM played for Buttercup’s solo transformation. There was also the fact that freaking Mojo Jojo had to appear yet again, but he wasn’t too bad. Next week is thankfully a new villain’s episode. I have no clue who it’s supposed to be (or if maybe it’s someone original to this series) but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. She seems to attack with some freakish looking toys. Getting back to reviewing this week’s randomness, the second half was great. Fuzzy is really clueless, serving fruit to his enemies and bugs to his love interest. I guess being a beast does that to you, but didn’t they say he was a human originally? Either way, he’s still pretty funny. I hope it won’t be too long until his next appearance. Also, now two out of three girls have had solo episodes, so I suspect Bubble’s episode will be soon.

Cute I would've loved to see him own Mojo Also cute *twitch*

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