As Saki and Mai chat, Mai freaks Saki out by announcing that she’s going on a date. She does explain that she only plans on going shopping with her mother. Saki is relieved to hear this. She quickly gets another problem when Mupu, Fupu, Flappy and Choppi come running through the room, screaming. They eventually quiet down and watch an old movie on TV, which seems to have quite a sad ending. Flappy gets particularly teary, which everyone teases him for, even though they were crying too. Saki shuts him up when he starts throwing a tantrum. Next, a commercial for bubblebath comes on. Mupu and Fupu enjoy it, as they’re reminded of the springs. Later, while Gooyaan takes orders and Mai and Saki do homework, Flappy gives Choppi flowers. Mupu and Fupu think he’s imitating the television and are amused. That’s not the case though, as Flappy is quite pleased to hear Choppi confess to him. However, Choppi also adds that she loves Mai and Saki and Mupu and Fupu. Minna daisuki-choppi! Flappy’s disappointed and after hearing comments from Mupu and Fupu, takes out his aggression on them. Saki breaks them up again before she and Mai go to answer the door. It’s Mizushitare in dishuise and she delivers them a package. They don’t know who it’s from but open it anyway (brilliant, aren’t they?) It turns out to be that bubble bath advertised on TV. Mupu and Fupu get into it when nobody’s looking. When Flappy spots the bubbles, he immediately stops flirting with Choppi and scolds them. Flappy was right though. They shouldn’t have opened them for a different reason. Mupu and Fupu get trapped in a bubble and Mizushitare arrives, capturing them again. She also creates a giant bubble monster, which Saki and Mai defeat like always. The trouble isn’t over yet as Gooyaan appears. With his super speed, he grabs Flappy and Choppi, dragging them through a portal into the ground. Mai, Saki, Mupu and Fupu are devastated, not knowing what to do.

Alright, it looks like this show’s gone back to teasing the yuri fans. With the borderline date last episode (although it could be argued that Saki was most interested because food would be involved) and the conversation that started off this episode, a Saki/Mai ending might not be impossible. Saki got pretty worried this week to hear about Mai’s “date.” I put some thought into this scene and it doesn’t seem likely that Mai would be going out with her brother, Saki’s main love interest, so I don’t see why else Saki would react the way she did unless she was just jealous that Mai had a boyfriend. Personally, I’d like to pair up Saki with Kenta, but I don’t think they’re going in that direction. Since Mai’s brother is boring as heck, I’ll stick with the confused fanboy theories and support Saki/Mai as an alternative option. Flappy was really the focus this week though and the episode proved to be both fun and plotful (and I just made up a word ^^.) Flappy hitting on Choppi was pretty funny, seeing how he was making absolutely no project. Choppi just loves everyone. Seeing how she shares a seiyuu with Eikyuu Alice Rondo’s Kisa, I was expecting her to include Kiraha-chan in her list of loves. I very much miss Kisa-chan. As the episode ends, both Flappy and Choppi are in danger. Um… Mupu, I don’t think digging a hole is going to help you find them. Next time, Mai and Saki get a new power and Minori probably won’t show up.

I'd love to know what this scene really meant Flappy's latest obvious move on Choppi He should be possessed Gooyaan's been getting cool lately

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If I heard right, Mai was saying that it was her brother Kazuya that was going on the date, not her. It would explain why Saki was shocked.

Comment by Kida 08.29.06 @ 5:51 pm

Ah, thanks. I misheard I suppose.

Comment by TL-chan 08.29.06 @ 6:00 pm

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