While Makoto harasses Chitose and Choco visits Kakeru, Haruma attends the party of a guy named Tendou, who’s soon to be married. Whether or not he’s there by choice or Tamami dragged him there is questionable. During the party, Ayano happens to go to the same restaurant where it’s being held and accidentally walks into Haruma. She’s surprised to see him and the two sit together. When Ayano learns what the parties about, she becomes visibly upset. The waiter comes, delivering an unspecified alcoholic drink, which Ayano rapidly chugs down. She seems to be getting drunk, but still wants more. Even when the party is over, she asks Haruma to stay out with her so she can go and drink some more. Meanwhile, Choco is staying up late, waiting for Haruma. Haruma assists a very drunken Ayano is getting to her apartment building. They eventually make it, but she collapses before reaching her bed, meaning that Hauma has to go into her room to put her there. He freaks out a bit when Ayano wakes up and takes off her shirt, but she seemingly doesn’t notice him and falls right back to sleep. Haruma notices that Ayano starts to cry in her sleep and mentions the name “Kazuya.” In her dream, she remembers back to a time when her fiancé Kazuya decided to give up on his dreams and leave to go take care of his sick father. He told Ayano not to go with him and to continue following her dreams. The next morning, Choco tells Haruma that she has a headache. It turns out that she’s got a fever. Not knowing what to do, Haruma panics and runs to Chitose for help. She knows what to do and takes care of Choco for a while. However, she states maybe a bit too much in reference to her interest in Haruma and leaves in a panic. Later, Haruma continues caring for Choco. Choco requests that he bring her canned peaches, because her notebook says that will help her get better. Coincidentally, Makoto shows up with canned pieces. Choco has Haruma prepare them for her. Soon, Choco falls asleep and has a dream. She’s separated from Haruma in a crowd. When she finally finds him, she runs after him and calls out to him, but he won’t respond. Eventually, she’s pulled further away from him. When she wakes ups, she tells Harum to stay by her. She does this, which Choco notices after she wakes up again and finds that Haruma is sleeping next to her, holding her hand. She thanks him and gives him a kiss.

For some reason, I couldn’t find this episode. Obviously, I was just being un-observant, because I had no problem finding it when I went searching last night. That’s besides the point though. Very enjoyable, despite being a near exact copy of the manga, which I’d already read this part of. There were some differences though. For one, if Choco’s dream was kept the same, it would’ve been covered in tape. I’m pleased to see that they just left her clothes on, because I could actually enjoy that scene without obstruction. I wonder if that dream is actually going to mean something later on. It probably won’t, but that might be cool to see. Really though, the point probably was that Haruma needs to stay with Choco. That was a point bought up in the episode even before the dream, as Haruma didn’t come home when he was supposed to, leaving Choco waiting for him and losing sleep to the point where she got sick. Hopefully in the future, he’ll put Choco before his personal problems, since she is his responsibility. This might be difficult, because Haruma’s personal problems just got a whole lot worse. Now that she knows at least of Kazuya’s existence, if he’s still interested in Ayano then he’ll have competition. For whatever reason, Kazuya is back.

Very drunk I love random coincidences Phantom hands: Now 100% ecchi free No explanation needed

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Well, given the way things go in the manga, and how they’re sticking to it, I suspect Haruma’s going to go the Manga route in the next 2-3 episodes. Still, I do prefer how they did the dream scene here versus the manga, since it’s less disturbing when she’s clothed, and having them animate Choko waking up afterwards was rather sweet.

Thank the gods he’s not Stripey. ;)

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