Ah, the things I do because of utter boredom. Actually, this is partially due to request. Lets see, I’m pitifully behind on this, but at least that’s better than certain other series. I’ll marathon those another day though.

Air Gear 15

The Rika arc has ended. Thank you very much. I still don’t like Rika much. To credit her, she’s a complex and interesting character, just not the type that I normally like. I miss this series. I don’t know why I stopped watching it. With the ridiculous amount of bird-related metaphors and the fact that this is the only show I’ve seen with extreme everything, it’s an amusing diversion. It makes perfect sense that Agito doesn’t want to hang out with the rest of Kogarasumaru. Not one of the members are sane. He’s ultimately not much better, but at least he didn’t take part in the making of that drink, which I don’t think is safe for human consumption. Ikki likely won’t live much longer. As soon as this series ends, his health will take a turn for the worse and he’ll suffer the consequences. When does this series end anyway?
This looked cool Rika's trying to help Sora So when Agito's not going insane, he can actually be cute Always the cuter side

Air Gear 16

A new arc begins. I’ll just name this one the Behemoth Arc. In brief, Agito pretty much takes over the team, but his perfect plan fails because Ikki is well… Ikki. Now they’re stuck fighting in a D-class match against Team Behemoth, who’s led by this guy Udou Akira who has a grudge against Agito. There’s also this hot guy with glasses on the team, but he’ll probably just be canon fodder. Instead, they’re putting more focus on Bandou, the bug-eyed strong guy. Anyway, Agito’s gotten his team into quite a hole. It’s not going to be easy to win and while I have no doubt that Kogarasumaru will come out victorious, Agito is going to have to learn to become a team player. Either that or they can just have Ikki save the day with his amazing Sky King-like powers again. I haven’t read this part of the manga, so I’m not sure which they choose. Hopefully the former, since Agito seems to be the focus of this arc.
Agito plots behind the scenes Ringo's been figured out He looks like a bug Hot

Air Gear 17

Okay, looks like I was wrong and they’ll be giving adequate focus to all the members of Behemoth. The glasses guy, Sano is gay. He’s still hot, but it’s a shame since that means I don’t have a chance with him. Oh wait… he’s fictional. It seems as if he’s lost, thanks to the work of Kazu. The other fight that got a lot of focus this week was Buccha vs. the insect guy. The scene with the wasp was gross and unnecessary. I don’t really need a science lesson on the ridiculous moves in this show. Anyway, it’s not over but Buccha had better win soon because the other guy is flat out gross. Also, Simca and Spitfire have shown up again. That’s cool, since they haven’t been around for quite a while. It looks like Simca’s going to cause some trouble and attempt to take over as the Croissant Kamen.
Yes, this guy has a TV on his head Simca's back! Still hot... and gay

Air Gear 18

That was simply thrilling. I didn’t expect to enjoy this episode so much, but it was high quality. I noticed that the animation in episode 17 could’ve used work at points, but I guess they were saving it for this episode, which deserved it far more. I was quite surprised by Akito and Agito’s backstory and how much Agito genuinely cares for Akito. Since it’s now known that Akito technically is excellent at A-T, it’s possible that he could regain the ability to skate at some point, which he lost due to the trauma that his crazy brother caused. Now that Agito’s stopped being completely obnoxious, I like him a whole lot more. Until this point, I couldn’t see why the Agito side was so popular, but now he’s gained extra points in my favorite character rankings. The Simca vs. Ringo thing this episode was pretty funny and served as a good break for the tension this episode. I wonder how Ringo’s going to get her costume back. Next time, it looks like this arc’s going to come to an end and a new arc will begin with Simca as the focus. Should be interesting.
I would've liked to see if she could really turn people to stone The outfit Simca gave Ringo A mysterious new person Akito to Agito kawaii yo

…And now I’m only four episodes behind. I’ll have to finish playing catch up another time, since I’m much exhausted. Sleep comes before anime, at least for me. I guess that makes me very un-otaku.

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Thanks for keeping blogging this and yes there will be some simca-chan arc from what it see in episode 20

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