Air Gear 19
I was wrong in thinking that this arc would end so quickly. It definitely seems to be approaching an end, but there are still things to be cleared up. In a way, this episode didn’t progress anything, as it was solid character development. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Akira’s backstory started off making zero sense, but gradually I started to figure out exactly what they were telling. It was an odd form of directing for this episode, but since I did eventually figure out what the heck was going on, I’ll excuse it. Basically, Akira is quite a screwed up person, so I feel bad for him. In brief, he saved this girl Ren from a thief who was actually her brother. Though he killed Ren’s brother, she wasn’t angry at him and instead was grateful because Akira did good things with his A-Ts. Ren wanted to be able to fly but couldn’t because she had a bad leg (Um… even if she had perfect legs, she still couldn’t fly technically. -_-;). Anyway, she gets close to Akira but is manipulating him at the same time. However, Akira still loves her and decides to stay Earth-bound like her. To do so, he has to steal the regalia of the Fang King from Agito, who was once his closest friend. Additionally, Akira now hates everyone who can fly, including birds. Twisted indeed, but it made for good drama. I’m highly interested in seeing how this concludes.
Akira watches birds with Ren... and Simca makes an appearance there I'm surprised she forgave him so quickly I guess this means he's not Akira's friend anymore

Air Gear 20
The ending of the Akira and Agito arc wasn’t quite as good as some of the episodes within it. Actually, I enjoyed the beginning and ending of this episode, but that whole part in the middle with Akito’s brother coming back was rather uninteresting. I’m trying hard to find a redeeming quality in that guy (I can’t even remember his name) but it’s hard to do. He’s pretty much just mean and abusive. It’s kind of ironic that he’s a cop now. Okay, at least he’s a necessary character because he bought on the drama for Akito’s life. That’s his redeeming quality. It doesn’t make him any more likeable though. Rather than complaining, I might as well highlight important points. Agito and Ikki win the fight, thanks to Agito being able to use Akito’s abilities as well. However, Agito is even closer to disappearing permanently and this is starting to upset him. At the moment, he’s in the hospital due to Akira breaking his shoulder. Also, during the police commotion, Akira was taken away by the people whom he used to work for. They want him to join the squad again and protect people from those who abuse A-Ts. There was also a bit of a side-story going on with Simca over the past two episodes, which was included. I’m not really sure what all of it meant, but Akira succeeded in keeping the promise he made her. The Simca story isn’t over yet, as the next episode has Genesis, the team containing herself, Spitfire and Nue in the focus. Oh, apologies for lots of Agito/Akio caps. I couldn’t resist.
So cute! If he's without an eyepatch, what should I call him? How does he still stand if he's passed out? Agito dosn't want to disappear

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Episode 19 was kinda of a bloody epsiode arc anyway keep going with the blogs

Comment by bakaro 09.06.06 @ 5:43 pm

@bakaro- No worries. I plan to.

Comment by TL-chan 09.06.06 @ 5:58 pm

ep 19 was sort of a surprice for me but is ep 25 the end or does it keep going.

Comment by jonathan 08.12.07 @ 1:50 pm

@jonathan- 25 is the end, unfortunately. It keeps going in the manga though.

Comment by TL-chan 08.12.07 @ 3:43 pm

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