I warn that this is very, very image heavy. Therefore, I’m placing it behind a cut.

As for the actual episode, it was about Kenta trying to get a partner for his comedy act. It bordered painfully boring at points. I like Kenta, but the rest of Mai and Saki’s friends really do nothing for me. They got far too much focus this episode, so it wasn’t very good. The new ED was quite awesome though, making up for the episode being not-so-awesome. It seems like dances are the trend lately. I wonder if there will be a Gundam version for this one. The animation was very cute, especially the portion with the bad guys. They left out Akudaikon-sama though. The ED song was also really good. I never particularly cared for the OP theme or the original ED, but I liked this song much. I can’t wait for the single to be released.

OP Alterations

New Eyecatch

ED 2

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OMG, a new closing theme and alternate opening visuals! I’m so behind this series it’s not even funny. Actually I always did enjoy hearing the original OP/ED every time I sat through an episode. I know the opening is no “Danzen!”, and these two could never replace the chemistry that Nagisa and Honoka had, but I still watch it when I can. I really miss the original two to this day :(

Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Downloading now!

Comment by pKjd 09.10.06 @ 2:42 pm

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