Air Gear 21
Hmm… I watched this a couple days ago, so lets see what I can remember. Spitfire is a hairdresser in his part time and Simca went to him to get a haircut. Ikki is given the chance to rule Genesis, so all the various Storm Riders come to his house and practically worship him. Ikki and the rest of Kogarasumaru have been savoring their new position, but Ikki’s not really sure whether he wants to take such a prestigious role. Ringo’s quite bothered by all of this, however. This was a rather interesting episode, seeing how it opened up a new story arc. Still being behind on the manga I can’t confirm this, but I hear that this leads to new material that wasn’t in the manga. This could mean that the series is coming to an end, or that it’s going to venture into fillers. I still don’t know exactly how many episodes this is slated to be. The next episode looks a bit random from the preview, but I’m downloading it now, so I’ll see soon enough. I hope the details covered in this episode aren’t neglected completely.
Are there any males in this sereis that could actually be considered manly? Possibly the only decent shot of Simca's haircut, which I don't like to begin with The necessary angst shot The bad animation in this episode didn't help me get adjusted to Simca's new look

Air Gear 22
Interesting episode. It was much better than I’d anticipated from the preview. There’s just something about the directing of this anime that I don’t like. Often, I really liked a story in the manga but didn’t care for it as much once it was animated. Despite the fact that this episode had many redeeming qualities, it just didn’t flow the way I wanted it too. Basically, it was another Akito-centric episode, though it occurred in the middle of the whole genesis plotline. It also introduced the impeding danger of another team, Trident. It leaves me to wonder how they’re going to fit in with the Genesis plotline or if they’re completely unrelated. I’ll watch the episode later and for now, not dwell on what the heck it’s supposed to mean. This episode gave some interesting background on Sleeping Forest. It was quite obvious from the previous episode that if Ikki were to join Genesis, then he would have to fight against Sleeping Forest. Now that’s simply been confirmed. This fact also adds to the rivalry between Simca and Ringo. They’re fighting over more than just Ikki. This episode really didn’t go into depth on how Genesis was created, just why. It makes me wonder if they had disliked each other previously. As for the Akito portion of this episode, he needed money to go on a class trip. Eventually, he was left only with the option of getting his money out of the trailer where he used to live with his brother. Surprisingly, Kaito isn’t his usual evil self. He instead lets Akito and Ikki get away with minimal harm (and all the harm was done by Akira, not him.) I actually felt somewhat bad for him. To an extent, it seems he does care about Akito. It’s great to see that he’s not such a bad character. I can’t totally forgive him for many of his earlier actions, but no longer hate him. My respect for Ikki also grew after watching this episode. Seeing how he sacrificed his happiness to save Rika’s money was a very great thing for him to do, especially because he was so young at that time. It was quite noble of him. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown to like his character, since I found him flat and boring at first, and at times flat out disturbing. He’s still a bit gross, but much more respectable. It bothered me a bit that they didn’t show his talk with Ume. I wonder if for her sake, he’ll make another sacrifice and not join Genesis. If Ringo were to let him know how she felt about the situation, that might also help convince him. I’ll have to get the next episode soon, even if it looks stupid, because this one did too and yet I had this much to say about it.
Angst is contagious! Ringo's angst continues, much to my delight Interesting to see that they had some happy moments Kaito's brief niceness was rewarded by me learning his name

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Am I the only one that thinks Simca looks bloody weird with her hair bobbed like that? My image of her’s with this wave of pink hair, so… damn.

Comment by Haesslich 09.12.06 @ 1:38 pm

I don’t like it much myself. It looked nicer the other way.

Comment by TL-chan 09.12.06 @ 2:20 pm

I just find the ‘boyish’ cut to go really… really badly with her looks and facial shape, and figure. In fact, she looks like a completely different character because of it, even if the second shot you had above looked alright.

Plus, all the playfulness is gone, with that look - the shorter hair is utilitarian and businesslike.

Comment by Haesslich 09.12.06 @ 5:31 pm

I kinda like simca since it does remind me of rei from evangelion just the color of the hair and the facil expressions is the only things differents

Comment by bakaro 09.13.06 @ 2:15 am

@bakaro- It kind of reminded me of Rei’s hair too.

Comment by TL-chan 09.13.06 @ 3:37 pm

Is she still Simca the Swallow without her hair? The hair was one of the only things I liked about her… Made her design more interesting.

Comment by Uzumaki 09.23.06 @ 1:13 am

I’ve seen worse. A lot worse. Moemi from Video Girl Ai comes to mine (the mangaka there just loves cutting his girls hair short).

I like the longer hair better, but this works. It’s still cute and girlish, at least when drawn well. At least it’s not super guy short. That second shot above is terrible, but the first one definitely looks good, as did the reveal. It appears to have been a forethought in her design.I’ve seen some where they cut the hair and destroy the whole look. Though it is a big difference, so doesn’t look too different.

Naturally, since anime quality changes over the course of an epiode, it looks bad in some shots, and better in others. Heck just look at the cutting scene. She looked cuter actually after the cut than before it. I wouldn’t call it boyish. It’s not too short. It’s more midlenght with some layers.

I wonder how it looks in the manga (assuming this isn’t an anime invention). The original art tends to work better. Mitsuki from Kiminozo is a great example. The short hair looked rather sexy in the game, and all but terrible in the anime. You got used to it though.

I’ve only really seen the cutting scene though. (got a headsup a character cut her hair and was interested in seeing which one).

Comment by Klingon Jedi 10.05.06 @ 4:50 am

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