Ayano gets a call from Kazuya, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Choco and Chitose are out shopping when Choco notices a lottery and is unsure what it is. Chitose explains it to her and Choco enters. She manages to win and her prize is a family onsen vacation. Choco excitedly brings the news to Haruma, who’s happy about it. Since they have multiple tickets, Choco invites Chitose to come. Makoto invites herself. Choco and Makoto go to the public bath and inform Kakeru about the trip, bringing him more embarrassment. While there, Choco educates Makoto about how to properly wash herself. They count to 100, as Midori taught Choco, and it seems Choco still can’t stay in the water for that long. Makoto points out that she’ll need to be more tolerant at the onsen, but Choco is determined that she’ll be okay. Later that night, Chitose fantasizes about what could happen between her and Haruma. Realizing that Makoto and Choco were likely to interrupt, her hopes are crushed a little. The next day, the four head off for there vacation. Haruma notices a note on Ayano’s shop, which is closed. Unfortunately for Makoto, she gets a phone call before they leave and is forced to stay back. On the train Chitose becomes more hopeful that her fantasy could come true, thanks to Makoto’s absence and Choco points out nearly everything they pass, making a racket. Haruma tells her to be quiet, so they pass their time playing cards and later eating. Haruma notices food on Choco’s face and takes it off her. Chitose fantasizes about Haruma doing the same to her, but doesn’t get her wish. After reaching their destination, they check in at the hotel (or whatever.) Choco shows Haruma the pretty view from their window, but Haruma notices Ayano when he looks outside. When it’s time to try out the onsen itself, Haruma has to explain to Choco that she can’t just go there naked. He also has to direct her to the woman’s side after she follows him. Haruma soon finds out the hard way that there’s hardly a barrier and forces himself not to look at the other side. He soon gets too hot and has to step out, giving Chitose a view. This leaves her flustered for the rest of the night. Later, after Choco and Chitose have fallen asleep, Haruma questions whether the person he saw could really be Ayano. His thought is interrupted when Choco wakes up and starts to talk with him. They fall asleep holding hands.

Well that had surprisingly little tape for an onsen episode. There was more nudity in the bathouse scene than in the actual onsen portion of the episode. What we did get was a scene reminiscent of Inukami. That elephant gets around. Chitose kind of got what she wanted, just not in the way she wanted. As she often does, Chitose provided much of the humor this week. I liked her reaction to Choco winning the lottery. It was also funny when she imagined Haruma eating off her face. I feel a little bad for her, but I feel worse for Makoto. She really wanted to come, but couldn’t. I’m sort of afraid that if she did come, then there would have been more tape than actual scenes in this episode. This episode wasn’t purely humor though, as it also hinted that all still isn’t right with Ayano. I wish we got to hear more of her conversation with Kazuya, because I’m curious as to what he told her. That should be next week’s focus though. In case it wasn’t obvious to anyone, the preview tells that Ayano was indeed the person Haruma saw out the window. I await seeing where the anime is going to go from here, because it seems to be straying a bit from the manga. Either way, we’re getting closer to the famous neko nyan dance.

Their reactions to Choco winning the vacation A look of distress Neko mimi Choco Still the driving force of this series' angst

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