Staggs’ troops are destroying a city where one of the Oracle Keys are located. A woman who’s in possession of the key locks it in a box and entrusts it to a man who will protect it. Just as soon as he escapes with it, Staggs enters the building. However, we don’t get to see what happens to her as the scene shifts to a Spider Riders training session. As usual, it’s Hunter and Ignus doing the serious training while the others watch from the sidelines. After awhile, Hunter goes on about “the hero Brade”, whom I’ll know more about after I get to watch episode 20 (it’s on my to-do list.)Anyway, he’s apparently Hunter’s new idol or something, so Hunter starts training again. At a point, he goes off with Shadow and tries to write up battle strategies in the sand. In the meantime, Mantid and Buguese talk briefly about their plans, the process of Staggs and Grasshop’s role in all of this. One of the spy bugs are sent to Grasshop, informing him that he’s in charge of getting the next Oracle Key. Grasshop is delighted to hear this news. He quickly locates the man carrying the key, who’s on his way to deliver it to the Spider Riders. Grasshop chases him until he nearly falls off a cliff. The man holds on for dear life and is pulled up by Grasshop, but drops the box. Lumen hears something above him, which turns out to be the box. It lands on his head. The Spider Riders study the box and Lumen happens to know the symbol. The box belongs to Numa-kouku. Not having seen the man drop the box Grasshop keeps him tied up and asks about it. While Grasshop brags on and on, the man manages to escape. As The Spider Riders continue to discuss the box and Numa, Ignus realizes that Hunter is gone. Corona calls for him through the manacle, but Hunter ignores her along with Shadow, who points out the fact that Corona is calling for him. Hunter does react when he hears a rumbling sound. Grasshop has taken one of his machines to chase after the man. Hunter and Shadow hitch a ride on the back of the machine and start questioning Grasshop on what he’s doing. Not realizing whom he’s talking too, Grasshop answers all his questions. He then turns around and is shocked to see Hunter there, as well as the rest of the Spider Riders. Grasshop creates a coliseum and challenges Hunter for the key. Hunter wins after Shadow reminds him of the whole Brade deal. Afterwards, the man desperately tells the Spider Riders to save Numa-kouku. He opens the box, revealing the key inside.

Alright, so the Spider Riders have two keys now and the Insectors are still at one. Seeing how this show is approaching its halfway mark, I’m hoping the favor will tilt a little more towards the Insectors soon. I like shocking, dire situations for my halfway marks. There’s that and the fact that I’m still rooting for the Insectors all the way. The next episode preview made me very happy. Buguese and Aqune are going to come back again after several episodes of Grasshop. Not that there’s anything wrong with Grasshop. He was pretty funny in this episode. I honestly think he’s the type of person who enjoys hearing themselves talk. If he didn’t have that fault, I’m sure he would succeed more often. I can think of two instances in this episode alone where it led to trouble. The first was when he gave the man opportunity to escape and the second was when he revealed his motives to Hunter. Anyway, I feel bad for him. It always seems that fictional characters won’t take my advice! Back to what I was stating earlier, next week Aqune will apparently gain possession of an Oracle Key. I don’t know whether it’s the one seen in this episode or a different one entirely. We shall see. About this episode, it was generally enjoyable, but would have been better if the animation wasn’t bothering me. There were some ugly scenes here. I think this was the first instance of this series having animation problems. Hopefully Bee Train was just having a bad day and the quality will be back to normal next time.

All of Staggs' appearances are breif, but memorable Was too cute to pass up It amuses me that Magma is Ignus' towel boy This made me laugh, therefore I capped it Beware of falling objects I hope they state this guy's name soon

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Er…not to be mean or anything, but you’ve seen 24 episodes already and are just now learning that Grasshop likes to talk just to hear himself talk? O.o I caught onto that in episode 2, before I even knew him really. It IS pretty annoying at times, but I still love him. And I hope he continues to be shown much throughout the next episodes…IMO, Buguese and Aqune ruin the series (OK, so I talk down about myself xp) with their boring blah blah blahs and just standing theres and beingtheir normal boring serious selves. Buguese especially! Spider Riders just wouldn’t be good without Grasshop…I mean seriously… they actually need him in every episode. Look at episode 4 and 5….ick! That’s what happens when the show doesn’t show Grasshop, two of the worst episodes ever XD lolz So I’mglad they got a clue and decided to put more of him. It was a smart move. I mean, at least we don’t see Stags everytime…lolz Though Stags is more interesting than Buguese…I’ll give Grasshop your advise abouthim talking too much. However, I dunno if he’ll take it seriously -___-’

Comment by Grasshop 09.15.06 @ 9:37 am

@Grasshop- I might’ve noticed that Grasshop likes hearing hmself talk before. It just never really clicked. I can best be described as clueless and scatterbrained. I don’t mind admitting that. Actually, it’s sometimes more fun to be oblivious.

The main reason I’m so interested in Aqune is because she’s mysterious. At a time, I was obsessed in figuring out whether Aqune was good or evil. Quite honestly, she still dosn’t make much sense to me. As for Buguese, I found his voice sexy. Then there’s also the fact that his interest in Aqune is entertaining. Grasshop and Staggs have more personality though, I’ll give you that.

Comment by TL-chan 09.15.06 @ 2:02 pm

Lumen is to cute

Comment by koko 11.05.06 @ 1:35 am

I so agree…well somtimes his is.other times…well lets just say he gets a little less atractive in each episod.just a little bit though…he still freak’en hot!

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.06.06 @ 4:58 pm

@Grasshop4/4\4- Because of your e-mail, I’ll assume that you’re a different Grasshop fan then my friend and say that what you did was incredibly rude. (Admittedly if it was her, I probably would’ve found this funny, but there’s only so many people I can tolerate it from.) I’m very much against character bashing and it upsets me in particular to see my favorites get bashed. My philosophy is, you don’t have to like every charatcer, but be civilized about it.

I won’t delete your comments like I initially planned to, but if you persist in this, then I will block you.

Comment by TL-chan 12.15.06 @ 6:41 am

whoever this Grasshop4/4/4 is i dont like them…character bashing, what the heck? So who didn’t this person like? I know its not my buisness, so you don’t have to tell me….completely understand how you feel TL chan…character bashing…tut tut

Comment by Vicky 02.21.07 @ 5:18 pm

@Vicky- Yeah, character bashing is icky. What I hate is how much bashing Aqune gets now, after episode 31. Blame the writers if you’re not happy that she likes Hunter, not the character.

Comment by TL-chan 02.21.07 @ 6:32 pm

Now that i think about it Aqune/Hunter isn’t as bad and i have more respect for her now that i know she’s Corona’s sister.

Comment by Vicky 02.22.07 @ 7:14 pm

TL-chan- you said that the invectids have zero oracle keys.WRONG they had one the intire time. But it leaves me wondering how did they get it? Does anyone know? if so please tell me.(by the way what does URI mean)

Comment by Michele 03.07.07 @ 9:47 pm

@Michelle- Yep. I had forgotten at the time. I’m not really sure where the key came from. I think I heard somewhere that it was Aqune’s, but I’m not sure.

Comment by TL-chan 03.08.07 @ 6:17 am

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