Just what was that? I’m tempted to call this the worst anime episode that I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching, but then I remembered episode 46 of G-Gundam, which is torture for totally different reasons. Anyway, I hope whoever worked on the animation for this episode got fired. I doubt it was the original animators, because the characters seemed to be off model, especially Ringo. She got screwed worst of all in this episode. Aside from the ugliness of the animation, there was quite a lack of it to begin with. There was a lot of scenes that were either photographs or really good CG. Either way, showing off l33t photography/CG skills won’t save you fools! There was so much scenery in this episode. Often characters were heard talking but either random scenery or just their backs were shown. At other times, people were drawn without faces. I also noticed a lot of SD moments in this episode, most of which were drawn well. However, they should’ve kept the quality animation for the normal character art, not the SDs. As for the plot, there was a small one, which didn’t show itself early enough for it to get interesting. Basically, the AT team in this area doesn’t care about Ikki’s position that he hasn’t actually taken yet. Oh and they’re punks. Also, there was a portion about Ringo’s feelings for Ikki, which amounted to nothing anyway, so nothing was accomplished. In conclusion, please don’t do that again Air Gear staff. I want the next episode to look normal.

Now anyway, here’s a sample of the ugly character art.

And I’ll also post a decent picture of Ringo to make up for all the hideous ones.

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OMG how bad was this.. just how much money is left in this series budget? Are they saving up for an all out AT battle to close out the series, or have they worked their way down to the last pennies and are taking collections to make it to ep26?

And let’s not forget the repeated animation. If it was a studio other than Toei I would have thought the extended repetitions was a joke, but sadly I think we all know better :/

Comment by crayotic rockwell 09.19.06 @ 1:52 am

They say episode 25 is the last but i think the series won’t be over just taking a break since the manga have 140+ chapters at the moment.

I liked the ring on the last image looks cute

Comment by bakaro 09.19.06 @ 2:19 am

Oh wow! That’s some really kool stuffs! O.O’ This is a really neat looking anime XD I never thought I’d see one where the backgrounds are so realistic I mean WOW! O.O’ What anime is this again? I must watch cause that is the awesome of awesomness! XD

Comment by Grasshop 09.21.06 @ 8:41 am

I forgot to say that the girl with the wings and the guy with the headphones are kawaii lolz. Er…what is the anime about anyways? I can’t just watch it cause its cute lolz

Comment by Grasshop 09.21.06 @ 8:44 am

It’s Air Gear of course. It says so on the post. The series is pretty enjoyable, but it’s in no respects deep. If you’re looking for something fun then it’s worth checking out. Oh, and the “girl with the wings” is a guy. A very gay guy. He was dressed up in this episode. He’s Akito, one of my favorite characters.

Comment by TL-chan 09.21.06 @ 1:33 pm

Oh…so thats a guy LOLZ I’m sorry. I had no clue hehe….*sweatdrops* In any case, I may check it out sooner or later. Right now I’m REALLY into Uninhabited Planet-Survive! XD And DearS as well…

Comment by Grasshop 09.24.06 @ 8:25 pm

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