*sigh* I don’t feel like writing much. I just don’t have the enthusiasm. However, after finishing this week’s episode of Chokotto Sister, an idea came to mind. In episode 11, the lovely comedy seen in many earlier episodes was dramatically lessened and replaced with burning, passionate angst. Sometimes the angst simply makes the anime. Thank you for boosting my mood Chokotto Sister. I’ve included some highlights of the angst I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this week (and included some of my wonderful, self-invented angst verbs. ^_^)

Chokotto Sister
We all know that Ayano has been angsting over Kazuya for weeks. However, this week not only does she angst over Kazuya, but she unintentionally creates a domino rally of angst. My liking for her has gone up a notch. Basically, she tries to get rid of her engagement ring, which was coincidentally given to her at the onsen resort where Haruma, Choco and Chitose were staying. Haruma stops her from doing this, but coincidentally a monkey grabs it. After Haruma distracts the monkey, it drops the ring and Ayano is just able to save it. The result: Haruma proves to Ayano that she really didn’t want to part with it. If that’s the case though, then that will certainly damage his chances of getting with her. Now Haruma has caught the angst. Choco finds him again and seeing her brings Haruma relief. He hugs her and of course Chitose sees this. Now she’s got the angst as well. From the looks of the preview, it seems that it may pass on even further. Included are some lovely pics of suffering.

Spider Riders
Tensions are high now that the Riders have learned about the situation with Numa. Of course Hunter is determined to rectify things. His sentiments aren’t exactly shared with Corona though. It’s not that she doesn’t want to help. She herself doesn’t quite know what’s wrong. As she states, she’s just really uneasy about going to Numa. This does indeed bring wonder about exactly why she’s bothered. Corona’s been showing a lot of character depth lately. I wonder if it’s got something to do with her situation from episode 21, but she seems to be over that phase. Either way, she does go with the others, so we’ll have to see how she fairs on the long journey to the kingdom of Numa. The others seem to be a bit concerned too, but not as much as Corona. Then there’s Sparkle. Lumen instructed her not to come and help them, since she and Hotarla can’t really fight and all. Either way, she seems quite worried by the situation. As for the real burning angst in this episode, the old guy from last week’s episode should win an award for it. I still don’t know his name, but he’s still panicked and for good reason.

Pretty Cure Splash Star
Okay, I’m joking. This series has minimal angst and now that the Michiru and Kaoru arc has been complete for a while, I don’t expect much more. The over-dramatization of things makes for great screencaps though. The only person who should be upset this episode was Mizushitatare(or however it’s actually spelled), since she kinda died. Also, if she only knew that Gooyan was alive, I’m sure she would be even more distressed. However, she doesn’t and she died so that’s that. The true burning, passionate angst lies in me, for I actually had my hopes up that Minori had a chance of appearing and she did not once again. Where is Minori?!!!!!!!!!

In conclusion, I am such a lazy sadist, but at least I’m a creative, lazy sadist. Where’s Minori?!!!!!!!!!

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You know it shows up in the manga ANYWAYS, so why complain? I’m just glad they kept that much of the story…

Comment by Haesslich 09.24.06 @ 12:27 pm

@Haesslich- I came off as complaining? Oops. I really wasn’t.

Comment by TL-chan 09.25.06 @ 2:36 pm

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