Part 1: The Ameba Boys are spotted in the city, so the Powerpuff Girls Z are called out of gym class to stop them. They’re randomly invented sicknesses work as excuses again so they can escape. After transforming and locating the Ameba Boys, they find out that they’re not doing anything bad and instead are having problems themselves. Blossom announces to the city to try not to step on the Ameba Boys. Once that’s over with, they decide to go get juice. Mojo finds the Ameba boys soon after and in order to help them become real super villains, gives them spray paint. They start covering everything in the city. When the girls find out about this, they head back and try to stop the Ameba Boys, but have trouble catching them. They’re lured into a cage. Buttercup learns the hard way that the bars are electrified. Mojo blasts the cage out of earth’s orbit. How the PPGZ can breath, I’m not sure. Anyway, once Buttercup comes to, she smashes the cage with her mallet so they can head back to Earth. While they’re doing this, Mojo and they Ameba Boys are causing mass destruction. Once they get back Blossom paints Mojo’s robot black with spray paint and Bubble’s bubble reflects the sunlight onto it, making it so hot it explodes. Mojo is defeated once again, but the Ameba Boys run away. The PPGZ notice the huge mess that’s been left, but decide to get more juice instead of cleaning it.
Part 2: Ken and the Professor call the PPGZ to the lab to discuss something important. They discover just what it is when Miss Bellum brings in the Mayor, who’s turned half grey. He explains that he was having dinner the night before but when he went outside, a flash of light did this to him. It turns out that this has happened to a lot of other people and nobody knows how to cure it. This leaves the girls to do an investigation. Momoko eventually finds the source of the light. It’s a giant camera. It starts to fire at her, but she’s able to dodge it and transform. Miyako and Kaoru hear her and transform as well. Blossom keeps having to dodge its rays of light, but much of the city is being turned grey. When the other’s arrive, they try to fight it, nut the camera dodges all their attacks. It eventually stops causing trouble and tells them its story. The camera was discarded for being a black-and-white camera. Once it got zapped with chemical Z, it decided to turn everything black-and-white. The mayor sends a message to the PPGZ and while they talk, the camera goes back to turning the city black-and-white. Blossom gets an idea and tells Ken to set up a satellite on the lab. When the camera fires at it, the blast deflects back and stops it. It releases a large amount of photos, which turn back the things that they converted to black-and-white. Afterwards, the Mayor takes a photo of the PPGZ.

I’m officially finished with a quarter of this series. Due to the nature of this show, there was no gripping cliffhanger or massive revelation. The episodes were pretty good though. The first one was pretty funny. It’s very hard to take the Ameba Boys seriously, but they did prove to be an actual threat this time. Maybe by their next appearance they’ll be able to come up with an evil plot on their own. The second episode was just plain ridiculous. I mean, the bad guy was a camera! I wouldn’t think inanimate objects could be so evil. I mean, he did have a tragic past, but how would he even know that? Cameras don’t have intelligence. These two episodes really make me question the power of Chemical Z. It can bring life to inanimate objects and even awaken their memories from before they were zapped. I wonder if anything else inanimate was zapped. If so, I want to see them soon, because the camera thing was amusing. It also gave the PPGZ the ability to breathe in space. All this makes me wonder if somebody who was really strong was zapped with chemical Z would become virtually unstoppable. I know, I know, I’m overanalyzing. You’re not supposed to think about these things. Next time, the Gangreen Gang show up and we get another two-parter. It doesn’t look incredibly interesting, but we shall see.

The dreaded Ameba Boys return I love the logic they have sometimes A victim of the vengeful camera Best villain ever?

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