Saki attempts to set up a sign at her father’s bread shop, but her cat is in the way. A cloaked man shows up to get bread, who gives both Saki and the cat bad vibes. Later, Mai and Saki go to restore the water spring. They have a brief talk with Fillia about their mission before being warped back to the real world. Meanwhile, Gooyan reports to Akudaikan-sama that the next member of Dark Fall to be sent out is their strongest soldier. Afterwards, Flappy, Choppy, Mupu and Fupu are fed while the cat, Korone, shows up. Saki tells Mai the story of how she got Korone. She found it alone in the rain and wanted to keep it, because it was so sad and alone. However, her father said that they couldn’t keep it so Saki ran off. Her father went after her and saved her and Korone from being hit by a bike. After his absurd exercise routine, the man from earlier returns to the bakery. He reveals his true form, introduces himself as Kintoresky and transports Mai, Saki and Korone away. Mai and Saki transform but are easily overwhelmed by the brute strength of Kintoresky. They eventually get the chance to use their Spiral Star Splash attack. However, Kintoresky is able to hold it off and escapes. After they return, Saki’s father found the drawing Mai did of Korone and returns it to her. He talks with Saki’s mother about the cat, whom he now loves very much.

First off… Minori!!! A younger version of her showed up in a flashback. She’s not as cute as she is in her current age, but at least she made an appearance. It would be very nice if the actual Minori would appear sometime soon, but it doesn’t seem too likely. Second, the latest member of Dark Fall has finally made an appearance. He’s quite an interesting guy. He’s got a ridiculous amount of power. How exactly are Mai and Saki going to defeat him? I guess the Spiral Star Splash would work, but they’ll have to take him by surprise. Although Kintoresky struggled, he was eventually able to hold the attack pretty steadily. This guy also does some crazy workouts. I’d die trying to do what he can. I guess since he/she got so much focus, Korone is worth mentioning. It’s cute. It’s also just an animal with no real personality, so I wouldn’t really call him/he an interesting character. The most interesting thing about Korone is how much it grew. That was one tiny cat as a baby. I also was a tiny bit surprised that Mai and Saki dared to transform in front of Korone. Okay, so I know it’s just a cat and it’s not like it could tell anyone. I just need an excuse to take digs at the annoying secret-keeping habits of mahou shoujos.

If you haven't guessed, he's buff Pretty much the star of this episode Chibi Minori= not as cute as regular Minori but at this point, I'm satisfied Buff enough to withstand normally unbeatable energy attacks

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