Choco finishes her latest journal entry and wants Haruma to read it. He starts to look but is interrupted by a phone call from Ayano. He’s quite depressed by it and goes out after this and simply stands in front of her shop in the rain. The next morning Haruma rushes out, cutting Choco off mid-sentence and causing her to start worrying about him. Meanwhile, Ayano and Chitose run into each other by chance in Master’s shop. Ayano is now wearing her ring on her finger and apparently her marriage is back on. Not knowing about Kazuya, this worried Chitose. Later, Choco speaks to Chitose about her concern for her brother. Chitose isn’t sure what to say, thinking that he’s getting married to Ayano. Before work, Makoto also goes to Master’s place to eat. She hears about Haruma possibly getting married, but isn’t sure if she should believe it. When Makoto later returns to the apartment building, she tries to figure things out. However, Choco calls her to speak about Haruma. Makoto states that he just has a broken heart because he loved the girl at the flower shop but she loves someone else. Makoto has a tv show on in her room and Choco sees that a sister made her brother happy by writing him a love letter. Choco is inspired to write one for Haruma. However, she has Ayano give it to him and Haruma is very embarrassed to know that Haruma saw a love letter from Choco. He states that she doesn’t really feel that way and rushes home. He responds very angrily to Choco and crumbles up the letter, causing Choco to run out in the rain. Makoto gives him an umbrella and snaps him out of his dazed state. After that, Haruma finds Choco sitting in a tube at a playground. He joins her and apologizes to her. Later that night, while Choco is asleep, he decides he should read her journal like she wanted earlier. He hears about all of Choco’s experiences and is touched when he gets to the most recent one, where Choco describes how worried she was over him. Hearing Choco say his name in her sleep, Haruma starts to cry. The next morning, Choco notices the tear stains in her journal and a note that Haruma left for her. She calls out to him that she loves him.

It’s all clear to me now. Of course they had to mess with the ordering so that they could have drama for the half way point of the series. If they used a random comedy/fanservice episode instead then it wouldn’t fit right. I did enjoy this story arc, so I’m fine with it. Unless they completely rewrite the story then I don’t mind changing the order of events. Hopefully Ayano will have a successful marriage. Kazuya seems to be a bit of a jerk, but if she loves him then I wish them luck. Makoto was awesome this episode, as usual. While she came off as annoying at first, she’s grown on me a lot. She’s a rather enticing character, not the one-dimensional pest I expected. The Haruma/Choco drama was interesting of course. This episode pretty much seals the fact that this anime is not going to take the incest route. The two just have a very sweet relationship, so I like it. Next time, a new character is introduced. I remember her to be quite amusing. They even used the term tsundere to describe her on the preview. :D

I'm aware this cap is boring, but nothing else particularly struck me Just awesome For once the person crying on my site is actually happy

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This is why I like the manga… since unlike some OTHER shows, the relationship stays sweet and innocent - and it shows not everyone is secretly a sis-con, unlike say… Stripey. ;)

Comment by Haesslich 09.27.06 @ 9:08 pm

why incest??? basically incest is about having a relationship wiith your sibling.. same blood right? but choco is not his real sister.. i dont get it? what’s gonna happen in the ending?

Comment by jon 11.09.06 @ 10:49 pm

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