Things are about to get crazy here, so it’s time to get my prorities straight. I’d like to blog a number of fall shows, which means I can’t keep up with all the shows I’m curently doing now.
-Pretty Cure Splash Star and Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z will no longer be covered unless I have something I want to say about them. I certainly hope to keep up with them though. As a note, I love the new ED animation for PPGZ. The song is decent, but not nearly as good as the first song.
-I plan to keep up with my weekly reviews for Spider Riders and Chokotto Sister. I’ll also
finish up my coverage of Air Gear ASAP.
-For the fall seasons, I may cover a series or two in the manner that I’m currently watching Air Gear, where I include more thoughts than summary. It’s rather fun.

In conclusion, posts without pictures are boring. I was thinking of finidng a picture of Sugintou or someone from Maburaho, which I’ve been watching lately, but I’ve realized that it’s a mere two days to the birthday of one of my all time favorite anime characters.

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The battles in that series could’ve gone over much easier had the Zeta Gundam from the final episode made an appearance earlier.

Then again, a guy who can take out mobile suits with a length of cloth can probably wipe the floor with newtypes.

Comment by Eleutheria 10.02.06 @ 1:17 am

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