So we’ve got Yagami Light (a human) and Ryuuku (a Shinigami) who are both bored with their respective worlds. Light discovers a notebook one day labeled “Death Note,” which contains instructions on how to kill people. Basically, you have to write in their name and picture their face. You can also state how you want them to die, if you choose to. Light is tired of crime, so he tests it out on a criminal. And it works. He does it again after a girl is nearly raped by a bunch of guys and again it’s successful. Eventually, Ryuuku comes to Earth and meets with Light. After seeing Light go on a killing spree, he’s not so bored anymore.

That, in a nutshell, is the first episode of Death Note. Like many people, I did read a bit of the manga. Not a lot mind you, just a bit. It’s a really unique anime, probably comparable only to Jigoku Shoujo. I had some problems with the manga that I’ll likely have with the anime too, but I’ll watch a little more anyway. For one, it’s a manga with serious moral issues. Light is a bit of an evil person, not purely evil, but not typical for a protagonist. Maybe I don’t like the idea of watching a series where the “hero” kills people due to boredom. Anyway, despite being immoral, it’s certainly intriguing. I apologize about anything I said in reference to the Millennium Earl from D Gray-Man being creepy now that I’ve seen Ryuuku in animated form. He is terribly scary. He makes Millennium Earl look drop dead sexy. That’s just wrong. Well anyway, the animation was beautiful and the OP and ED are awesome (though the ED animation is dull, as with most ED animations.) I’ll be checking out the next episode. I may or may not blog this, depending on various factors, including how many other people plan to cover it.

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For me Raito’s evilness is exactly the reason why I love him while still hating about 95% shounen male leads. In real world there is no purely good or bad people so it’s bit tedious to watch how someone always think best of others instead of own good.

Comment by Anga 10.04.06 @ 1:05 am

OMG KaWaIi! XD I remember seeing this guy (the smexy one, not the oogaly human one XP) in the manga and falling in love at first sight! XD I never knew there was an anime tho…w00t! Must watch! heehee *hugglez the bishie…what was his name again…Ryuuku? Squeeee!*

Comment by Grasshop 10.04.06 @ 9:11 am

Oops…forgots to mention the super kool movie. I liked the movie as well…I just snagged this episode and loved it. I shallmake an AMV soon methinks. Even though my WMM is being stupid on me ;__;

Comment by Grasshop 10.05.06 @ 12:52 am

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