At the Apartment building, Makoto is happy to see that the whether is nice. She soon becomes distressed though when she sees Chitose with lunch. She’s hungry and wants some food. We don’t get to see how that situation works out, because the scene changes to Haruma. He gets his lunch at school and sits with Tamami. He asks her what’s wrong because she’s not her cheerful self. Haruma also tries to cheer her up, but he merely confuses her. Back at home, Choco goes out to enjoy the good weather. Meanwhile. A bored rich girl named Hanayamada Yurika is being driven around to the places on her daily schedule. Wanting to escape, she asks to go to the bathroom and tries to sneak through a window. However, she gets stuck. Choco coincidentally finds Yurika and helps her out. They run as far away as they can from the driver. Choco wonders why Yurika was running, so she states that she saw a murder and there are people after her. Choco states that it sounds like something from TV, which is actually where Yurika got the idea from. Choco suggests that they get the police, but Yurika explains that doing so would also be dangerous. She tells Choco not to get involved and runs off, happy to be rid of Choco. Yurika decides to get some ice cream and a crepe while alone in town, but her driver was following after her and eventually finds her, putting an end to her fun. Yurika screams and by chance, Choco hears from inside a nearby bookstore. She knocks the driver over and helps Yurika escape. After running, they stop to catch their breaths again and Choco explains that she thought the driver was a bad guy. Yurika tells her that it was all a lie and what really happened. Rather than being mad, to Yurika’s surprise, Choco is happy about the way things turned out. Later on, Yurika escapes her house and thinks about what happened with Choco. The two coincidentally meet again and it seems Yurika is starting to like Choco now. She goes to Choco’s home to have a drink, but Choco accidentally spills on her. She takes a bath to clean off and very much likes Choco’s idea that they should bathe together and wash eachother’s backs. Afterwards, they start to get dressed. Choco lets Yurika try on one of her bras. Haruma comes in to discover Yurika in a bra. Both are highly embarrassed. Choco uses that opportunity to introduce her new friend to her brother. Afterwards, Choco writes a journal entry about her friend whom she’s nicknamed “Yuri-pyon.”

Just what the world needs, yet another LoliYuriTsundere. Yurika is a fairly interesting character, if only because you normally don’t see all three fetishes in one. Now all she needs is a pair of glasses and nekomimi. The first word I used to describe her was brat, so I think I’ll stick with that. LoliTuriTsundere takes longer to write. Despite her being a total brat, she was fun to watch from the get go, and it was kind of funny to see her reactions to getting to bathe with Choco, considering that Yurika didn’t like Choco earlier in the episode. The series from here on in will either be a lot of fun or become even more fanservicy and cliché. Either way, I’m pretty much stuck watching it because I’ve already gotten this far. For the second half, there’s no new OP or ED, which makes sense. OPs aren’t changed that often and the Neko Nyan Dance from the ED hasn’t occurred yet. I’m still waiting, so hopefully it will happen soon.

Yurika, the LoliYuriTsundere brat... Is awesome, so she gets to be in all four pictures... Not that there was that much to cap anyway

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We’ll see how it goes. The fact that Yurika has a crown on Choco’s ‘guy’ AND that she’s the only female friend that’s roughly her age will hopefully lead to some of the manga-based storylines.

Comment by Haesslich 10.06.06 @ 11:16 pm

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